Kibwezi Makindu Water Paybill number 913 110

BusinessKibwezi Makindu Water Paybill number 913 110
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Kibwezi-Makindu Water & Sanitation Company Ltd (KIMAWASCO) is a private company limited by shares and incorporated on August 16, 2011, in a merger of the Kibwezi-Mtito Andei Water Company and the Makindu Water Company. Kibwezi Makindu Water Paybill number 913 110. The company provides water services within the towns of Kibwezi, Makindu, Kambu, and Mtito Andei and their environs. The company’s area of jurisdiction is 2,450 kmand KIMAWASCO covers about 308 km2 (13% coverage). The KIMAWASCO service area has a population of approximately 285,530 and KIMAWASCO reports that it is currently serving ~102,784 people, representing 36% of the population.

Residents of Kibwezi, Makindu towns and their environs can use KIWACO paybill number to pay water bills without going to the offices.

Here is how to use Kibwezi Makindu Water Paybill number 913 110

  • M-PESA Payment Procedures
  • Go to M-Pesa Menu on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill Option.
  • Enter the business number for Kibwezi-Makindu Water & Sanitation Company (KIMAWASCO); 913110.
  • Enter your water account number e.g 26XXXXX or 27XXXXX
  • Enter the amount you are paying e.g 500
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN e.g 1234
  • Press OK
  • You will receive a confirmation message with the Transaction code and amount paid.

POSTBANK Payment Procedures

  • Present your water account number to a bank teller.
  • Upon payment you will receive a receipt indicating you have paid for water services.

Kibwezi-Makindu Water and Sanitation Company Ltd.

For more information regarding KIMAWASCO Paybill number 913 110, contact:

P.O Box: 104-90137


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Tel: 0719 400051

DCC’s Compound
P.o Box 104-90137
Tel: (254) 711697087

Monday – Friday
08:00 am – 05:00 pm
Weekends & Public Holidays – Closed

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