Kikuyu Water Paybill Number 810 100

BusinessKikuyu Water Paybill Number 810 100
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Kikuyu Water Company was appointed by Athi Water Services Board (a state corporation)as an agent for the provision of effective water and sewerage services within Kikuyu Township and its environs. Kikuyu Water Paybill Number 810 100

Kikuyu Water Company is a corporate entity established on 10th March 2006 under companies Act CAP. 486 of the laws of Kenya and started operations by September 2006 and is wholly owned by the Town Council of Kikuyu.

Athi Water Services Board (a state corporation) has engaged KIWACO to be a Water Service Provider within Kikuyu Township and its environs through a Service Provision Agreement (SPA) as required by the water Act 2002.

Residents of Kikuyu town and its environs can use KIWACO paybill number to pay water bills without going to the offices.

Here is how to use Kikuyu Water Paybill Number 810 100

  • Select Safaricom icon on your Phone
  • Select Mpesa and press Pay Bill
  • Enter Kikuyu Water Paybill Number 810 100
  • Enter your water account No.
  • Enter Amount you wish to pay
  • Enter your PIN
  • Confirm the payment details are correct and then send
  • You will get confirmation message from Safaricom

Kikuyu Water company contacts.

For more information regarding KIWACO Paybill number 810 100, contact:

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Registered Offices are at 1st Floor Mugumo House, Kikuyu Township

Postal address 313-00902, Kikuyu;

Telephone contact: +254-66-33786

Fax: +254-66-33785;

Email contact;;

Official website;

Kikuyu Water Tariffs

Consumption BlockCurrent Tariff (KShs/m3)Approved Tariff (KShs/m3)
0-6m3Flat rate 200Flat rate 330
  • Meter Rent Per Month
Meter SizeMeter Rent Per Month
1/2 inches5050
3/4 inches5050
1 inch250250
  • Refundable Deposits
Category of ConsumerRates(KShs)
Retails Shop more than 10m330003000
Bars, Restaurants more than 15m350005000
Hotel Class “A” and “B” less than 150m31000010000
  • Other Charges
For cutting off supply at the request of customer200200
Turning on supply as a first connection20030% of the cost materials
Turning on supply as a first connection otherwise as a first connection200200
Turning on supply after disconnection for non payment500500 and double deposit for every default up to max of 2.5 lts for your bill
Meter Testing feeMinimum 500500
Penalty for irregular connection- domestic2,00015,000 and double deposit
Penalty for irregular connection- commercial/industrial2,00030,000 and double deposit
Exhauster ServicesN/AFrom KShs 7,000
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