Ushuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800

BusinessUshuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800
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Collect payments easily with no time limitations through M-PESA. Ushuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800

The Paybill service is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA.

Through Paybill numbers, you are able to serve your clients much better as your customers are able to pay for services with ease and timeliness. Safaricom’s payment solutions have enable simple single transactions as well as bulk payments whenever necessary.

Enjoy Convenience, Security, Time saving, Real-time payments, Easy funds transfer, Low transaction costs for both clients and yourself plus easy Fund Disbursement as you can also choose to use the funds collected to pay for supplies, wages, salaries or other services.

Take advantage of M-PESA’s payment solutions and ease your financial transactions today.

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M-PESA Paybill Tariff Guide

Paybill (C2B) Requirements

Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions

Paybill Merchant USSD Application Form

Here is how to use Ushuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800

  •         Go to Mpesa Menu
  •         Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA menu
  •         Enter Ushuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800
  •         Enter ID number for account number
  •         Enter the amount you wish to pay
  •         Enter your M-PESA PIN
  •         Confirm details are correct and press OK

·        You will receive confirmation message from Safaricom indicating that the money has been transferred to the Sacco.

Ushuru Sacco Background

Ushuru Savings and Credit Co-operative (Sacco) Limited was formed in 1970 by employees of the then Customs and Excise Department, Ministry of Finance, under the name of Customs & Excise Workers (CUEW) Sacco.

In 2002 the Sacco changed its name to the current name.

Ushuru Sacco has its membership drawn mainly from revenue agencies and other government arms together with the private sector members.

Ushuru Sacco has a membership of over 4,500 members.

Ushuru Sacco Loan Products.

     1.      Development Loan

Features of this loan type include:

·        The loan is granted 3.5 times a members savings.

·        Maximum recovery period is 72 months

·        Interest of 1% on reducing balance.

·        Normal Development Loan is available for a member who has no other outstanding development loan and is applying for the first time.

·        Refinancing Development Loan is granted where a member has a development loan and not able to finish his project, but can still qualify for an additional loan under the Sacco policies.

     2.      School Fees Loan

·        Application for this type of loan is to assist members meet college, school or university fees obligations.

·        Maximum repayment period is 12 months, but also subjected to ability to repay as there is no maximum ceiling.

·        Application can be made as need arises and cheques collected or money transferred to member account via Electronic Fund transfer between two to three days or a banker’s Cheque can be issued to the Institution on request.

     3.      Emergency Loan

·        This loan facility is to assist members meet their unforeseen financial shortfalls which include medical, funeral and even dowry expenses.

·        Maximum repayment period is 12 months and there is no maximum ceiling subject to ability to repay.

·        Application can be made as need arises and cheques collected or money transferred to members bank account via Electronic Fund transfer between two to three days. At the members request a Banker’s Cheque can be issued to the Institution. 

     4.      Shujaa Loan

·        The product is available for members with high savings, but with payslip limitations to service a loan for the required 6 years.

·        The loan is awarded 5 times the members’ savings

·        Recovery period is 7 years (84 months).

·        Interest on this loan is 1.5% P.M on reducing balance.

·        Members on this loan should remit 5,000/= to the SACCO as minimum share deposit contributions per month.

     5.      Tiba Loan

·        This is a facility for members who have not accumulated enough savings for the loans they require; the SACCO finances their required share deposits on their behalf.

·        There is no ceiling for this loan.

·        Interest rate is at 1.5% P.M on reducing balance

·        Repayment period is 48 months.

     6.      Almasi Loan

·        This is an instant loan facility,

·        Recovery period is within 6 months

·        Interest rate of 5 % P.M on reducing balance. 

·        The loan is capped to a maximum of Kshs. 100,000 and does not require guarantors. A witness for the loan is however required.

     7.      Jongea Loan

·        The loan product is available for new members who have not matured for regular loan facility by attaining the six months requirement.

·        Maximum ceiling is Kshs. 200,000

·        Recovery period is 12 months

·        Interest rate of 2.5% P.M on reducing balance.

·        25% of the loan granted is receipted to the members share deposits account.

Ushuru Sacco Mobile Banking Loan: M-Poa Loan

Ushuru Sacco is the first Sacco to offer a loan through the mobile payment platform. Dubbed M-Poa loan, members are able to apply for an emergency loan through their mobile phone.

A member does not need to fill in a physical form.

What is required for one to access M-Poa Loan?

      1.      Applicant must have been an active member for at least 6 months

      2.      Applicant must be M-Sacco registered

      3.      Repayment is through M-Sacco

      4.      Repayment period is 1 month

      5.      Applicant must not be under paying loans or share deposits

      6.      Maximum Loan amount Kshs 10,000.00 at an interest rate of 10%

      7.      Qualification is based on 3.5 share deposits less outstanding loan balances

      8.      The loan is unsecured

      9.      Outstanding loan not paid within 1 month attracts a penalty of 10% compounded

      10.   M-Poa loan defaulters will be blacklisted from accessing M-Poa Loan, any other Ushuru Sacco credit facility and listed with CRB until the loan is cleared.

      11.   The transaction will attract Safaricom charges of Kshs 33 and SMS charge of Kshs 10 total of Kshs 43 from amount applied.

How does one apply for Ushuru Sacco M-Poa Loan Application?

·        Registered members dial *346#

·        Enter M-Sacco Pin

·        Select Option three (3) M-poa Loan

·        Enter Amount – maximum amount Kshs 10,000.00

·        Member receives a message that M-poa Loan has been received and is under process.

·        A member then receives a message on Sacco loan payment via Mpesa

How do you repay Ushuru Sacco M-Poa Loan?

  •         Member loads money to Mpesa
  •         Member deposits the funds through Ushuru Sacco Paybill Number 892 800 account number being your National ID number followed by a short code M. Example 12345678M.  Note: M is a short code for MPOA Loan.
  •         Enter amount.
  •         Enter your MPESA PIN.
  •         Confirmation of the payment will be send via SMS.

Ushuru Sacco Savings Products

     1.      Ordinary Savings

·        The society strives to promote savings amongst its members and the minimum contribution is Ksh.2,000/= per month towards the monthly deposits.

·        These deposits may be used as collateral against borrowings from the Society and shall only be refunded when a member withdraws from membership and provided the member has fully repaid all his debts and is free from guarantee.

·        Non-withdrawable deposits shall be refundable within sixty days after receiving a written notification from the member.

·        Interest on deposits shall be paid at a rate that shall be determined by the board at the end of the year after audit has been completed.

·        The interest may be eliminated if the financial position of the Society and capital adequacy does not permit payment.

     2.      Investment Savings

·        This is a withdrawable savings product for members of the SACCO. It is ideal for members with surplus funds to accumulate for future small scale investments e.g. household asset acquisition, share purchase etc.

·        Members can make direct investments in cash through the SACCO bank account or organize for a check off arrangement.

·        This saving is available on demand and been tied to our M-Sacco platform, where members can have it withdrawn at their convenience.

·        It should be noted that the SACCO does not just look upon members to save and take loans but to as well save for specific foreseeable and unforeseeable needs.

Ushuru Sacco Contacts

Nairobi head office

Forodha House, 2nd Floor Wing B,

Off Ngong Road

P.O Box 52072 – 00200, Nairobi

Tel: 020-2719660

Email: or


Custom House (Ground floor Room No. 6)

P.O Box 90601, Mombasa

Tel: 020-2170661

Email: or


Custom House, 1st Floor

P.O Box 94, Kisumu

Tel: 020-2391343

Email: or


Kiptagich House, 4RD Floor (Room No. 416)

P.O Box 402, Eldoret

Tel: 053-8015853

Email: or

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