Kenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600

BusinessKenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600
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Kenindia Insurance Ltd, was established as merger of Indian Insurance Companies operating in Kenya to form a vibrant joint venture with moral and financial support from leading local business elite on 6th December 1978. Kenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600.

By 2007, a span of 29 years, the company had crossed the Ksh 3 billion gross premium income mark to become the largest non-life insurer in Kenya.

Since then, Kenindia has grown from strength to strength to become a leading household name in Kenya.

How use Kenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600

  1. Select M-PESA on your phone and press OK
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter Kenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600
  4. Enter Policy Number & Surname as Account Number
  5. Enter premium Amount
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN
  7. Confirm the transaction details and click ok
  8. You will receive SMS Containing Amount Sent to Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd

Kenindia Assurance offers the following types of insurance 

1. General Insurance

  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • All Risk
  • Motor Private

      2. Life Insurance

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  • Multiple Advantage
  • 15 Year Money Back
  • Capital Advantage
  • Group Life
  • Staff Retirement Benefit

      3. Medical Insurance

  • Individual / Family
  • Corporate Health Plan
  • Health Save Plan

Kenindia Assurance Contacts

For more information about Kenindia Insurance Paybill Number 514 600, contact the following

Kenindia Head Office Nairobi

Address: Kenindia House, Loita Street, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 3316099 / 2214439

Fax: +254 (020) 2218380

P.O. Box: 44372 – 00100 G.P.O. Nairobi


Kenindia Westlands Branch, Nairobi

Address: 3rd Floor, Fortis Towers, Woodvale Grove, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 4449222 / 4444327

Fax: +254 (020) 4440179

P.O. Box: 14624 – 00800 Nairobi


Kenindia Industrial Area Branch, Nairobi

Address: 1st Floor, Fina Bank House, Bamburi Road off Enterprise Road, Nairobi, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (020) 6537202 / 6537204

Fax: +254 (020) 6537205

P.O. Box: 27650 – 00506 Nairobi


Kenindia Mombasa Branch

Address: Biashara Building, Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (041) 2313715

Fax: +254 (041) 2314478

P.O. Box: 90037 – 80100 Mombasa


Kenindia Nakuru Branch

Address: Giddo Plaza, Next to Harvester Road, Nakuru, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (051) 2216852

Fax: +254 (051) 2213908

P.O. Box: 2620 – 20100 Nakuru


Kenindia Nyeri Branch

Address: Rupshi Chambers, Nyeri, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (061) 2030085

Fax: +254 (061) 2030183

P.O. Box: 884 – 100 Nyeri


Kenindia Eldoret Branch

Address: 2nd Floor, Kenindia Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street, Eldoret, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (053) 2032153

Fax: +254 (053) 2031950

P.O. Box: 2103 – 30100 Eldoret


Kenindia Kisii Branch

Address: Sansora Building, Sansora Road, Kisii, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (058) 30339

Fax: +254 (058) 30686

P.O. Box: 1081 – 40200 Kisii


Kenindia Kisumu Branch

Address: Mega Plaza, Block D, Oginga Odinga Road Kisumu, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (057) 2022719

Fax: +254 (057) 2022035

P.O. Box: 1907 – 40100 Kisumu


Kenindia Machakos Branch

Address: 2nd Floor, Utisi House, Konza Road, Machakos, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (044) 2020450

P.O. Box: 971 – 90100 Machakos


Kenindia Thika Branch

Address: 3rd Floor, Thika Arcade, Kenyatta Highway, Thika, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (067) 20430

P.O. Box: 7478 – 00100 Thika


Kenindia Meru Branch

Address: 1st Floor, Ami Centre, Meru, KENYA.

Phone: +254 (064) 3132223

P.O. Box: 2473 – 60200 Meru


Frequently Asked Questions On Life Assurance

Why is life insurance needed?

Life insurance cover is always needed for

  • Income continuation
  • Liability coverage
  • Asset building
  • Event funding
  • Health funding
  • Retirement planning

What are the benefits of saving in Life Assurance?

  • Protection and means of saving (provides financial protection and creates provision for education fund, pension fund, emergency fund for medical expenses that may be required.
  • Safety and level of risk
  • Liquidity
  • Return on investment
  • Tax benefit
  • Get your money back

Which are the available products?

  • Investment plans
  • Anticipated endowment plans
  • Endowment plans
  • Whole life plans
  • Term assurance plans
  • Group insurance plans
  • Individual pension plans

When do I receive the policy document?

It is given to you after we accept your proposal for insurance cover

How important is my policy document?

It would be referred to for various service requirements that you may have from time to time i.e

  • During the settlement of a claim
  • When applying for a loan on a policy
  • During the processing of different forms of endorsements (changes) as intimated by yourself.

So it’s better to inform your spouse/parent /children as to where it is kept.

What is the importance of my policy number?

Since this is a unique identification that distinguishes your policy from other policies, always remember to quote it every time in your correspondence with us.

Where can I find the policy conditions?

It is available on the last pages of the policy document under condition and privileges.

What happens if I lose my policy document?

You must inform the company at the earliest through formal writing.

How and where can I pay my premium?

Premium can be paid to any of our branches countrywide near you and the payment can be inform of cheque, cash, bankers order and through your employer (check-off).

Which are the available modes of payments?

They are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.

What happens if I do not pay premiums within the grace period?

If premiums are not paid within the days of grace, the risk cover will be suspended and such policy will lapse, until the same is reinstated.

Can I get a loan on my policy?

Many of our plans would allow that provided the policy is in force, however there are some plans which do not have a provision for loan.

What if the unthinkable happens?

The intimation letter for death must emanate from the near and dear or the beneficiary.

Is there a tax benefit?

  • Yes…all those policies whose date of commencement is January 2003and over are entitled to a tax rebate of 15% of the annual premium up to a maximum of Kshs.60,000.00 provided the term is 10 years and above.
  • All the partial payments, maturities and any other form of claim are also paid tax-free.  These can change from time to time according to the laws of the land.

How to pay premium via MPESA

Through M-PESA you can now pay your Kenindia Individual Life Policy Renewal Premium.


  • Select M-PESA on your phone and press OK
  • Select Pay Bill then press OK
  • Enter 514600 as Business Number and Press OK
  • Enter Policy Number & Surname as Account Number and press OK
  • Enter Premium Amount and Press OK
  • Enter you M-PESA Pin and press OK

You will receive SMS Containing Amount Sent to Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd


  • Ensure correct details are entered. Do not delegate remittance to ANY ONE ESLE.
  • Charges are levied to sender by Safaricom Ltd. From minimum Kshs. 20/- to Kshs. 30/-

NB: Kenindia does not take Responsibility for any Wrong Remittance.

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