List of All Kenyan Water Companies Paybill Numbers (Safaricom)

BusinessList of All Kenyan Water Companies Paybill Numbers (Safaricom)
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M-PESA Paybill Tariff Guide

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Paybill (C2B) Requirements

Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions

Paybill Merchant USSD Application Form

B2C Tariff & One Account B2C Tariff
           1          49000
         50        100000
       101        500044
       501     1,000044
    1,001     1,500044
    1,501     2,500088
    2,501     3,500088
    3,501     5,000088
    5,001     7,50001010
    7,501   10,00001010
  10,001   15,00001010
  15,001   20,00001010
  20,001   25,00001212
  25,001   30,00001212
  30,001   35,00001212
  35,001   40,00001212
  40,001   45,00001212
  45,001   50,00001212
  50,001   70,00001212
  70,001 150,00001212

Here is a List of All Kenyan Water Companies Paybill Numbers (Safaricom)

Water Company NamePaybill Number
Amani Drive Association Water Paybill Number:259 088
Asengo Community Water Supply Paybill Number:878 650
Bluewater Group Paybill Number:870 870
Runda Water Paybill Number:880 106
Chala Water Project Paybill Number:130 305
Easy Water Services Paybill Number:325 900
Embu Water Company Paybill Number:808 200
Epza-Water Paybill Number:821 630
Garissa Water Company Paybill Number:880 600
Gatanga Water Paybill Number:700 600
Gatundu South Water Company Paybill Number:919 400
Gitaru Self Help Water Project Paybill Number:995 450
Githunguri Water Company Paybill Number:905 900
Gusii Water Paybill Number:993 600
Haki Water Paybill Number:962 800
Heroes Day Mineral Water Group Paybill Number:954 910
Highlands Mineral Water Paybill Number:700 219
Iruma Magutuni Water Project Paybill Number:821 580
Iten Tambach Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:943 100
Kakamega Busia Water Supply Paybill Number:894 200
Kakamega-Busia Water Supply Paybill Number:247 260
Kamuguga Water Project Paybill Number:826 950
Karimenu Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:893 400
Karuri Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:544 500
Karweti Water Trust Paybill Number:309 550
Kathita Kiirua Water Paybill Number:855 650
Kericho Water Paybill Number:803 600
Kiambu Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:885 100
Kiamumbi Water Trust Paybill Number:542 500
Kibwezi-Makindu Water Paybill Number:913 110
Kisumu Water And Sewerage Paybill Number:517 000
Kwale Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:871 600
Limuru Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:895 900
Malindi Water And Sewerage Paybill Number:708 001
Mavoko Water And Sewerage Paybill Number:363 100
Meru Water And Sewerage Services Paybill Number:918 350
Mikutra Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:319 650
Mombasa Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:895 500
Mwala Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:307 850
Nairobi Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:444 400
Naivasha Water Sewerage Paybill Number335 450
Nakuru Rural Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:323 750
Nakuru Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:111 444
Nanyuki Water And Sewerage Paybill Number:540 300
Nithi Water & Sanitation Paybill Number:901 325
Nyahururu Water And Sanitation Paybill Number:873 900
Nyeri Water & Sewerage Paybill Number:968 800
Samdamte Water Services Paybill Number910 101
Thika Water Sewerage Paybill Number:860 100
Wote Water And Sewerage Paybill Number:833 100
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