Embu Water Paybill Number is 808 200

BusinessEmbu Water Paybill Number is 808 200
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Embu Water and Sanitation Company(EWASCO) was incorporated as a private company limited by ordinary share capital by Embu Municipal Council In March 2003. Embu Water Paybill Number is 808 200. The company became operational in March 2005 and the financial operations of the company were separated from those of the municipal council in July 2005. With devolution, the company is wholly owned by the Embu County Government(ECG).

Embu Water and Sanitation Company is a water service provider company fully owned by the Embu Municipal Council and an agent of Tana Water Services Board, mandated to provide water services within Embu Municipality and its environs in Embu County.

Residents of Embu and sorrounding areas can use M-pesa Paybill number to pay water bills without going to the offices.

Here is how to use Embu Water Paybill Number 808 200

  • Go to Safaricom on your phone
  • Choose M-Pesa on the list that appears.
  • Then choose Payment services.
  • Choose Pay bill
  • Enter Embu Water Paybill Number 808 200
  • Enter your water account no.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Then enter your M-Pesa pin
  • A message will be sent to your phone telling you whether you’ve successfully payed or not

Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (EWASCO) Contacts

For more information about  EWASCO Paybill Number 808 200 contact:

The Chief Executive Officer,

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Embu water and sanitation Company Ltd.

Off Embu-Meru Road,

Along Mutero Road Next to Kenya National Library

P. O. Box 1242-60100, Embu

Phone: (+254) 2231156

E-mail: info@embuwater.co.ke

Water Supply

Embu Water has the mandate to providing cost-effective and affordable quality water and sanitation services to the residents of Embu County.
Requirements for new water connection:
– Copy of National ID
– Copy of KRA pin.
– Copy of Title Deed/Land Search/Allotment Letter


Water charges
Domestic Use6-Jan46
21 – 5072
51 – 10082
101 – 30098
>Above 300134
Commercial/Industrial & Government InstitutionsJan-5072
51 – 10082
101 – 30098
>Above 300134
Public Schools, Universities & Colleges1 – 60051
>Above 1,20093
Standpipes/KiosksPER m335
Sewerage Charges
Sewer Connection-Residential/Domestic5,000.00
Sewer Connection- Commercial, Government, Schools, Universities & Colleges.7,500.00
Sewer Connection- Industrial1,500.00
Private Sewer Unblocking2,500.00
Leak Detection Services1,000.00
Sewer Reconnection Fee15,000.00
Illegal Sewer Connection- Commercial, Industry, Construction100,000.00
Illegal Sewer Connection-Domestic, Government, Schools, Universities & Colleges30,000.00
Water bowser services
Exhauster services
Company exhauster- KShs 5,000.00 for other customers and KShs 4,000.00 for informal settlements.
Discharge of trade effluent services- KShs 15,000.00 per truck per month.
Water Deposits
Connection TypeApproved Tariff (KShs)
Retail shops less than 10 m33,000.00
Retail shops more than 10 m33,500.00
Bar, restaurants less than 15 m34,000.00
Bar, restaurants more than 15 m36,000.00
Health centres less than 150 m312,000.00
Schools and other institutions with more than 200 m320,000.00
Schools less than 200 m310,000.00
Minor construction sites more than 200 m315,000.00
Major construction sites more than 300 m350,000.00
Light industries less than 200 m330,000.00
Water charges
Medium industrial between 200 m3 and300 m350,000.00
Heavy industries more than 300 m3100,000.00
Water Kiosks5,000.00
Customers with only sewer connection to be charged a deposit equivalent to water connection
Other ChargesApproved Tariff (KShs)
Sale of water Per M3 at bowsing point (own tanker)80
Replacement of stolen or damaged meters100% of the market cost of the meter
Meter testing on request500
Sewer Connection- Residential/ Domestic5,000.00
Sewer Connection- Commercial, Government, schools, Universities and Colleges7,500.00
Sewer Connection- Industrial15,000.00
Private sewer unblocking2,500.00
Leak detection services1,000.00
Sewer Reconnection fee15,000.00
Statement of account fees200
For cutting off the supply at the request of the consumer200
For turning on the supply otherwise than in respect of a first connection200
Exhauster Services (Company Exhauster)5,000 for other customers and 4,000 for informal settlements
Penalty DescriptionApproved Tariff (Ksh)
Illegal water connection, -Commercial, Industry, Construction (Fraud)100,000.00 plus estimated consumption during the period of the illegality
Overcharging (fraud) at water kiosk15,000.00
Illegal sewer connection- Commercial, Industry, Construction100,000.00
Illegal sewer connection- Domestic, Government, schools, Universities & Colleges30,000.00
Self-reconnection after cut off for non-payment5,000.00 and billing to be backdated from date of cut off
Surcharge for tampering with meters (this to include meter removal, reversing of meter etc)5,000.00
Surcharge for direct suction of water from the supply line using a pump10,000.00
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