Ukulima Sacco Paybill Number 953 400

BusinessUkulima Sacco Paybill Number 953 400
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Collect payments easily with no time limitations through M-PESA. Ukulima Sacco Paybill Number 953 400

The Paybill service is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA.

Through Paybill numbers, you are able to serve your clients much better as your customers are able to pay for services with ease and timeliness. Safaricom’s payment solutions have enable simple single transactions as well as bulk payments whenever necessary.

Enjoy Convenience, Security, Time saving, Real-time payments, Easy funds transfer, Low transaction costs for both clients and yourself plus easy Fund Disbursement as you can also choose to use the funds collected to pay for supplies, wages, salaries or other services.

Take advantage of M-PESA’s payment solutions and ease your financial transactions today.

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M-PESA Paybill Tariff Guide

Paybill (C2B) Requirements

Paybill Application Form and Terms & Conditions

Paybill Merchant USSD Application Form

Ukulima Sacco was registered in 1972 as a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society with the objective of promoting saving and borrowing at low cost in order to meet the employees’ socio-economic needs.

Its membership was initially from employees of ministry of agriculture. The common bond was later opened up to accommodate employees from other government agencies and also members of the public.

Ukulima Sacco has also opened up membership to include Kenyans living outside the country in what they call Diaspora Membership.

Ukulima Sacco has more than 27,000 members as at end of 2015.

Ukulima Sacco Loan Products.

      1.      Normal Loan

·        Maximum amount granted is three times of the member’s savings

·        Interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance.

·        Repayment period is 48 months.

·        Granted for development purposes such as buying land, construction, purchase of equipment & machinery, vehicles e.t.c·        

      2.      Jitegemee Loan

·        Maximum amount granted is three times of the member’s savings.

·        Interest rate is 1.2 % per month on reducing balance.

·        Repayment period is 60 Months.

·        Granted for development purposes such as buying land, construction, purchase of equipment & machinery, vehicles e.t.c.

3. Emergency Loan

·        Advanced to meet members’ emergency needs or unforeseen misfortunes within the shortest time possible.

·        Repayment period is 12 Months.

·        Interest rate is 1.5 % per month on reducing balance.

4. School Fees loan

·        The purpose of this product is mainly to assist members pay school/college and university fees.

·        No supporting document is required to obtain the loan.

·        Repayment period is 12 months.

·        Interest rate is 1 % per month on reducing balance.

5. Refinancing

·        Granted on top of the normal loan to help refinance stalled projects.

·        Interest rate is 1.5 % per month on reducing balance.

·        Repayment period is 48 months

6. Branch Emergency Loans (BELA)

·        This loan is granted at the branch level to enable member’s access faster and cheaper credit for their emergencies.

·        Interest rate is 1.5 % per month on reducing balance.

 7. Ukulima La Riba Advance

·        This product is granted to members who need to be Sheriah Compliant.

·        It has zero interest rate,

·        No dividend is payable on shares  

·        No interest is payable on deposits.

·        Amount advanced limited to ones savings.

 8. Chipukizi Loan

·        Loan product targeting new members in particular newly employed staff to enable them settle down quickly upon making one months’ remittance to the Sacco.

·        It is check-off based.

·        Interest rate is 1 % per month on reducing balance.

9. FOSA loan

·        Loan granted to members whose salaries are remitted through the FOSA Account.

·        It is based on net salary as per the pay slip.

·        Top up is available after three months.

·        It is recovered from the salary remitted to the FOSA Account.

·        Interest rate is 1.75 % per month on reducing balance.

10. UHURU Loan

·        Loan is granted to members whose salaries are remitted through Fosa.

·        It is subjected to 1/3 rule as per the pay slip and is recovered from salary remittance.

·        Interest rate is 1.9 % per month on reducing balance.

11. HARAKA Advance

·        Loan advance to finance members who require immediate payment of their entire back office loan in advance.

·        A commission of 5 % is charged on amount granted.

12. DARAJA Advance

·        Loan is granted to members to clear back office loan in order to facilitate them access a development loan at the back office.

·        It is processed within a day.

·        A commission of 5 % (subject to a maximum of Kshs 75,000/=) is charged on amount granted.

13. HISA Advance

·        Loan facility to assist members boost back office deposits for loaning purposes.

·        It is granted once per calendar year up to a maximum of 50% (subject to a maximum of Kshs 100,000/=) of member’s current deposit contribution.

·         The deposits boosted earn divided at the end of the year.

·         A commission of 15 % is charged on amount granted to boost deposits.

14. MAHITAJI Advance

·        This is an advance against member’s net salary in case of an emergency.

·        It is recovered once from the month’s salary.

·        It is mandatory that the applicant must have his salary remitted through FOSA.

·        Interest is 1.75 % one off on amount granted.

15. BIMA Loan

·        This is a loan facility to finance members pay their insurance premiums.

·        The loan is repayable within 12 months.

·        Interest rate is 1.75 % per month on reducing balance.

16. Shares Investments Loan

·        This loan is to finance members who wish to buy shares at Nairobi Securities Exchange.

·        Interest rate is 1.75 % per month on reducing balance.

Ukulima Sacco Savings Products

1. FOSA Savings Accounts

·        This is an account that enables our members to save to earn an attractive interest rate.

·        The account has no limitations on withdrawals and doesn’t attract any ledger fee.

·        It has a Reliable visa branded ATM card and can also be accessed through Mobile Banking.

·        Free bank statements and Standing orders are also offered.

·        Salary processing is done at a minimum fee.

2. Fixed deposits Account

·        This account allows members to fix cash for a certain period of time

·        Minimum amount of Kshs. 50,000 at duration of 3 months.

·        Attractive interest rates are offered on savings.

 3. Junior Savings Account

·        This is a Savings account for Sacco member’s children.

·        Attractive interest rate is offered on the savings.

4. Holidays Savings Account

·        Holiday Savings Account enable members save for their holidays.

·        Savings earn attractive interest rates.

5. Elimu Savings Accounts

·        This account enable members save for educational needs of their children.

·        Free school fees bankers’ cheques are issued to the name of the child’s school.

6. Pamoja Savings Account

·        This is a group account to enable members save together in a joint/group account.

·        It encourages joint investments or acquisition of properties.

·        The group qualifies for a group loan.

To use the Ukulima Paybill Number 953 400, follow the following steps;

  •        Go to Safaricom Mpesa services
  •         Select Paybill
  •        Select lip na Mpesa
  •         Enter Ukulima Sacco Paybill no 953 400
  •         Enter Account Number (used your national ID number as the accaount number)
  •         Enter amount to send
  •         Enter Mpesa pin
  •        Confirm the details of the transaction
  •         Press okay to send.

Ukulima Sacco Mobile Banking Services.

Ukulima Sacco offers mobile banking services to its members thro *346# short code system.

Once a member is registered, they can be able to:

  •         Withdraw Cash
  •         Instant Balance Enquiry
  •         SMS Alerts On Your Account Activity
  •         Online Application Of Mahitaji Loans From Your Phone
  •         Payment Of Your Fosa / Bosa Loans

Ukulima Sacco Contacts

Head Office:

Ukulima Co-operative House, Haile Selassie Avenue,

P. O. Box 44071-00100 Nairobi,

Tel 0202785000

Kisumu Branch:

United Mall, Ground Floor, Wing A,

P. O. Box 1378-40100 Kisumu.

Tel 057-2020169

Mombasa Branch:

Bahman Trust Building, Mikindani Street,

P. O. Box 86051-80100 Mombasa,

Tel 020-2616972, 041-2312444

Eldoret Branch:

Sirikwa Hotel Building, Oloo Street,

P. O. Box 6703-30100 Eldoret,

Tel 053-2032346

Embu Branch:

Kenyatta Avenue, Eastern Emporium Building,

P. O. Box 992-60100 Embu

Tel 068-2231325

Email within Kenya –

Email outside Kenya –

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