The Nyole Clans

PeopleThe Nyole Clans
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The Nyole Clans. The Nyole, also known as Nyore, are a tribe of the Luhya nation from Bunyore in Western Kenya. Native speakers of the Nyole (or Nyore) dialect of Luhya refer to themselves as Abanyole.

Nyole (also Olunyole, Lunyole, Lunyore, Nyoole, Nyore, Olunyore) is a Bantu language spoken by the Luhya people in Vihiga District, Kenya. There is 61% lexical similarity with a related but different Nyole dialect in Uganda.

The Nyore people border the LuoMaragoli and Kisa Luhya tribes.

In Swahili, they are known as Wanyore

Some prominent Nyore leaders include:

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  • Kenneth Marende the Former Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya’s 10th Parliament. He was elected as Speaker on January 15, 2008.
  • Wilberforce Otichilo Current governor vihiga County

They speak Olunyole and occupy Bunyore in Vihiga district.

Nyole clans include

  • Abakanga,
  • Abayangu,
  • Abasiekwe,
  • Abatongoi,
  • Abasikhale,
  • Aberranyi,
  • Abasakami,
  • Abamuli,
  • Abasubi (Abasyubi),
  • Abasiralo,
  • Abalonga,
  • Abasiratsi.
  • Abamang’ali,
  • Abanangwe,
  • Abasiloli,
  • Ab’bayi,
  • Abakhaya,
  • Abamukunzi and
  • Abamutete.
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