The Maragoli Clans

PeopleThe Maragoli Clans
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The Maragoli Clans. The Maragoli, or Logoli (Ava-Logooli), are now the second-largest ethnic group of the 6 million-strong Luhya nation in Kenya, numbering around 2.1 million, or 15% of the Luhya people according to the last Kenyan censusTheir language is called Logoli, Lulogooli, Ululogooli, or Maragoli. The name Maragoli probably emerged later on after interaction of the people with missionaries of the Quaker Church.

Maragoli also refers to the area that the descendants of a man called Mulogooli (also known as Maragoli) settled and occupied in the thirteenth century AD in the vast lands of vihiga county. Maragolis occupy the largest part of vihiga followed by Abanyore then Tiriki sub tribes.Maragoli clans include the va- masingira,Va-Gonda, Va-Mavi, Va-Sachi, Va-Saniaga, Va-Vulughi, Va-Ndega, Va-sari, Va-ng’ang’a, Va-Yonga,va-twa, va-gisemba… (The prefix Va- refers to the people or descendants, and is sometimes written as Ba-, Ava-, or Aba-.)

Maragolis have a unique culture that is rather simple but complex to other Luhya subtribes. It is believed that Lulogooli dialect is not easily understood by other Luhya subtribes, but Maragolis literally understand most of the languages in Luhya land. Many Maragolis have migrated to other areas due to land scarcity and have formed settlements in Transoia, Lugari District. Because Maragolis value their lineage, they have transferred their own local names to the places they have currently occupied. In short, they have cloned their own places so as to preserve their identity. They also name their children after their ancestors.

They speak Lulogooli and occupy Vihiga district.

Maragoli clans include

  • Avamumbaya,
  • Avamuzuzu,
  • Avasaali,
  • Avakizungu,
  • Avavurugi,
  • Avakirima,
  • Avamaabi,
  • Avanoondi,
  • Avalogovo,
  • Avagonda,
  • Avamutembe,
  • Avasweta,
  • Avamageza,
  • Avagizenbwa,
  • Avaliero,
  • Avasaniaga,
  • Avakebembe,
  • Avayonga,
  • Avagamuguywa,
  • Avasaki,
  • Avamasingira,
  • Avamaseero,
  • Avasanga,
  • Avagitsunda.
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