List of Kenya Colleges Paybill Numbers

BusinessList of Kenya Colleges Paybill Numbers
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Here are some Paybill Numbers for select colleges both public and private. List of Kenya Colleges Paybill Numbers

African Institute Of Health Abd Development Paybill Number:411 109
Alfurqan Training Institute Paybill Number:848 800
Alphax College Paybill Number:902 400
Ammarcom Institute Via ABC Paybill Number:111 756
Angelic Teachers College Paybill Number:303 350
Baraka Joy Ecde Teachers College Paybill Number:846 050
Bukura Agric College Paybill Number:352 550
Bushiangala Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:895 650
Cambridge Universal College Paybill Number Paybill Number:860 750
Cba Ymca National Training Institute Paybill Number :800 996
CBA-Jodan College Of Technology Paybill Number:880 115
Children Of God Relief Institute Paybill Number:961 800
Christian Industrial Training College Paybill Number:663 560
CITC College Fees- Kcb Paybill Number:123 666
CITC College Fees-Coop Paybill Number:123 444
CITC College Fees-Nic Paybill Number:123 222
Digital Age Institute Ltd. Paybill Number:543 210
Dzarino Community Based Training Organization Paybill Number:811 200
East Africa Institute Of Certified Studies Paybill Number:593 139
Eldoret Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:858 300
Experts Business College Paybill Number:465 136
Foundation Institute Of Professionals Ltd Paybill Number:411 982
Haggai Institute Alumni Association Paybill Number:800 400
Institute Of Advanced Technology Ltd Paybill Number:972 101
Institute Of Quantity Surveyors Of Kenya Paybill Number:933 450
Institute Of Surgical Medics Paybill Number:259 075
Keiway Mining & Technology College Paybill Number:890 250
Kenya Education Management Institute Paybill Number:971 900
Kenya Industrial Property Institute Paybill Number:924 850
Kenya Institute Of Development & Professional Studies Paybill Number:706 023
Kenya Institute Of Management Paybill Number:896 600
Kenya Institute Of Social Work Paybill Number:902 600
Kenya Medical Training College Paybill Number:964 150
Kife School Of Business Studies Paybill Number:959 900
Kiirua Techinical Training Paybill Number:139 971
Kips college Paybill Number:822 930
Kitui Institute Of Development Studies Paybill Number:112 198
Ludepe Teachers Training College Paybill Number:858 950
Machakos Institute Of Technology Paybill Number:906 650
Marist University College Via Nic Paybill Number:488 513
Masai Technical Training Institute Paybill Number:419 143
Mombasa College Of Professional Studies Paybill Number:411 110
Mountain Top Institute Ltd Paybill Number :925 800
Muranga Institute Paybill Number:806 400
Mutomo Institute Of Accountancy Paybill Number:120 339
Mwana Mwende Training Centre Paybill Number:510 400
Nairobi Institute Of Technology Paybill Number:900 175
Nakuru Teachers Training College Paybill Number:911 910
Nation Wide Hotel & Tourism College Paybill Number:838 450
National Industrial Training Authority Paybill Number:978 650
Othaya Teachers College1 Paybill Number:415 966
Outspan Medical College Paybill Number:288 924
Pentecostal Bible College Paybill Number:138 936
Personal Development Institute Paybill Number:920 901
Pioneer International College Paybill Number:650 820
Primetec College Paybill Number:840 150
Racefield Ecde Training College Paybill Number:197 577
Railway Training Institute Via KCB Paybill Number:522 784
Research Triangle Institute Paybill Number:929 410
RGC Computer College Paybill Number:521 202
Ruiru Institute Of Business Studies Ltd Paybill Number:139 943
Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute Paybill Number:411 107
Sacred Training Institute Paybill Number:968 250
Sipet College Paybill Paybill Number:820 160
Star College Of Management Studies Paybill Number:970 710
Sunrise Teachers Training College Paybill Number:411 108
The Children Of God Relief Institute Paybill Number:961 801
Zetech College2 Limited Paybill Number:529 101
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