All codes for MTN, Africell, Vodafone, Airtel, and UTL Uganda balance check and recharge USSD shortcodes

GadgetsAll codes for MTN, Africell, Vodafone, Airtel, and UTL Uganda balance check and recharge USSD shortcodes
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USSD shortcodes are vintage but very vital not only in Uganda but in the world all over. All codes for MTN, Africell, Vodafone, Airtel, and UTL Uganda balance check and recharge USSD shortcodes. Tasks like airtime balance inquiry and money transfer have been made easy by the availability of these USSD shortcodes. Before we go any further, you might be asking, ‘What are USSD Codes?’

Short for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, USSD is a protocol used by cellphones to communicate with their service provider’s computers via text messages. These are commonly used to check mobile airtime and data balance inquiries or to receive one-time passwords or PIN codes, among many applications. So what are the most important USSD shortcodes in Uganda?

Africell Uganda

Airtime balance inquiry: *131#

Airtime recharge: *130*Voucher No#

Data balance inquiry and recharge: *133# then select “Check your data” or visit the Self Help Portal

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Africell Money USSD code: *144#

MTN Uganda

Airtime balance inquiry: *156# changed to *131#

Airtime recharge: *155*Access Number# changed to *130*Access Number#

Data balance inquiry and recharge: Visit the portal at You can dial *150*1#

Mobile money helpline: 122

Mobile money USSD shortcode: *165#

Airtel Uganda

Airtime balance inquiry: *131#

Airtime recharge: *130*recharge code#

Data balance inquiry and recharge:  Dial *175*4# and press Yes/Ok. Also applies on the modem

Airtel Money USSD code: *185#

Uganda Telecom(UTL)

Airtime balance inquiry: Enter #131# and then press the “Call/Redial” button

Airtime recharge: Dial *130*recharge code# and the press the “Call/Redial” button.

Data balance inquiry and recharge: *160#

M-Sente USSD code: *185#

Smart Telecom Uganda

Airtime balance inquiry:*131#

Airtime recharge: *100#

Data balance inquiry and recharge: *100#

Smile Communications

Just visit since they aren’t a traditional mobile network

Here are Top Most Important USSD Shortcodes in Uganda

Airtime Balance Inquiry

Before making a call or texting, one thing to do is check for your airtime balance to ensure your call will not be cut short in the middle of your discussion. Thankfully, all the Telecom service providers use the same USSD code for airtime balance inquiry. Dial *131# to find out your airtime balance.

Data Balance Inquiry and Recharge

Want to access the internet? You will have to subscribe to a data bundle to do so, dial;

  1. *175# for Airtel;
  2. *150# for MTN;
  3. *133# for Africell.

Select the options according to the amount of data you would like to buy. Also, there are options that allow you to check for your existing data balance.

Mobile Money

One of Africa’s biggest exports is Mobile Money. You literally can have a bank at your fingertips and send money to anyone at any time, subscribe to data or voice bundles, and pay bills among others. To access mobile money, dial;

  1. *185# for Airtel;
  2. *165# for MTN;
  3. *144# for Africell.

Self-Help Menu

This menu is mainly helpful when you can’t seem to remember other USSD codes. It is basically the USSD menu for all products. Dial *100# on any network and you will access this menu.

Unsubscribe From Promotional Messages

You know those unsolicited adverts in the form of messages that keep flooding your inbox? To stop them, dial *196*5# on any network.

Know Your Mobile Number 

Whereas its a bit odd that one can forget their phone number, there are circumstances where your own number might skip your head for a minute. Dial *120# to find out your mobile number for Airtel and *160*7*1#

SIM Registration Status

In Uganda, it is required by law that you register your SIM card with your National ID. Failure to do so will have your number deactivated and handed to a new customer. To be sure your number is registered in the right way and avoid any disconnections in the future, dial *197# on all networks. If you have any issues with your registration, contact your service provider’s customer care to have it rectified.

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