Full List of USSD Codes For Banks In Kenya

GadgetsFull List of USSD Codes For Banks In Kenya
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An Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code is a code that is programmed into your SIM card or your cell phone to make it easier to perform certain actions. When you know the code for what you want to do, you can run it with a few simple taps. Full List of USSD Codes For Banks In Kenya

Things You Should Know

  • USSD codes can perform many tasks, such as displaying the IMEI, changing your SIM PIN, displaying carrier information, and checking your billing summary.
  • Enter a USSD code the way you’d dial a phone number. Just open the Phone app and tap the numbers and hash codes to dial them.
  • Depending on your phone, the USSD code may run instantly. Other times, you’ll have to tap the Call button.

Here is a Full List of USSD Codes For Banks In Kenya

 Kenyan Bank NameBank USSD Code
1Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)*522#
2Cooperative Bank of Kenya*667#
3Absa Bank Kenya PLC (Formerly Barclays Bank)*224#
4Standard Chartered bank*722#
5Equity Bank*247#
6Commercial Bank of Africa*654#
7National Bank of Kenya*625#
8Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)*385#
9Consolidated Bank Limited*262#
10NCBA Bank
(Former NIC Bank and CBA Bank)
 *654# for ex-CBA customers
*488# for ex-NIC customers
11Bank of Africa (BOA)*987#
12Family Bank*325#
13CFC Stanbic*208#
14I & M Bank Limited*458#
16Imperial Bank Limited*356#
17Transnational Bank*862#
18Gulf African Bank*399#
19Guardian Bank*356#
20Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)*878# 
21United Bank of Africa (UBA) Bank*368#
22Housing Finance Company (HFC) Ltd*231#
23Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)*498#
24Sidian Bank (Formerly K-Rep bank)*527#
25Equatorial Commercial Bank*286#
26Credit Bank*699#
27Jamii Bora Bank*344#
28Chase Bank275#
29Prime BankN/A
30ABC BankN/A

How To Use USSD Codes

Running a USSD Code

  • Open the phone app. This app can be found on your home screen, on the “All Apps” screen, or, on simpler cell phones, on the lock screen.
  • Dial the USSD code. Some start with *, others #, and others *#.
  • Dial #. Make the phone call. When the code is running, you will see “Please wait…” (iPhone) or USSD code running… (Android) or something similar on the phone screen. If the code is invalid, you will get an error.

Knowing What Codes to Run

  • Check your IMEI. The most common reason why USSD codes are useful is because you can check crucial information about your phone. To check your IMEI, dial *#06# and the IMEI will automatically pop up on your screen.
  • Change your SIM PIN. Dial **04* followed by the old PIN, then *, followed by the new PIN, then *, followed by the new PIN again, then #. For example, to change the PIN from 1234 to 4321, dial **04*1234*4321*4321#.
  • Check information about your carrier, such as how much data you have left. This code will vary from carrier to carrier. On AT&T, the code for checking how much data you have left is *3282# (*DATA#).
  • Enter field test mode on iPhone. To do that, dial *3001#12345#* and call the number. Here, you can view information about your SIM card and your phone.
  • Learn about other USSD codes. Read the Wikipedia article on it, as well as conduct research on your carrier’s website fo USSD codes that pertain specifically to it.
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