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The Carnivore. Leg of lamb, pork, ostrich, rump of beef, sirloin, rack of lamb, spare ribs, sausages, skewered kidneys, even crocodile. A BEAST OF A FEAST, SINCE 1980

Meats are roasted on traditional maasai swords over a huge charcoal pit that dominates the restaurant’s entrance. The rough-hewn beams combine the rustic feel of a rural setting with that of a medieval banqueting hall.

The Carnivore doesn’t conform to the familiar restaurant traditions. First, the soup of the day along with a plate of home baked bworn bread and butter are served. Then, an army of carvers move table to table, swords laden carving juicy cuts onto sizzling cast-iron plates. Accompanying the meat feast is a selection of salads, vegetable side dishes and sauces

The feeding frenzy doesn’t stop until you declare defeat by lowering the white paper flag perched atop the central tray. This is then followed by dessert and coffee. The full meal including the soup course is at a set price. A vegetarian menu is also offered.

Carnivore is an open-air restaurant in the Langata suburb of NairobiKenya. Carnivore’s specialty is meat, and features an all-you-can-eat meat buffet. They serve a wide variety of meat and were famous for their game meat until Kenya imposed a ban on the sale of game meat in 2004. It remains a popular tourist destination.

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Simba Saloon

There is also a “Simba Saloon” night club on the premises with a capacity of 2,500, as well as an internet cafe, playground, and six bars. The restaurant holds concerts featuring local artists. International artists such as Shaggy, Tevin Campbell, T.O.K., and Sean Paul have also performed there. Three people died in a stampede at the saloon in 2004. The restaurant is famous for themed nights that incorporate old skul, rock and soul nights to the merriment of many Kenyans.

Tamarind Group

Carnivore is owned by Martin Dunford of the Tamarind Group. It was opened in 1980 by Dunford, his wife, and a group of partners. Dunford opened Carnivore, inspired by the Rodízio concept of Brazilian churrascaria steak houses. The Tamarind Group operates Tamarind seafood restaurants in Mombasa and Nairobi. There are also similar restaurants named Carnivore, owned by the same people, on the outskirts of JohannesburgSouth Africa,[2] and in Cairo, Egypt.

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