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The Wanga Clans. They speak Oluwanga and occupy Mumias and Matungu Districts. The Wanga kingdom is a Bantu kingdom within Kenya, consisting of the Wanga (Abawanga) tribe of the Luhya people (Abaluyia). At its peak the kingdom covered an expansive area from Jinja in west to Naivasha in the East African Rift. The Wanga kingdom was a significant African empire and the most organized structure of government in pre-colonial Kenya politically, economically, and militarily.

In 2016 the Wanga numbered around 700,000, mostly occupying the Kakamega CountyWestern Province, Kenya. The seat of power is located in Mumias.[4] The Wanga are one of 19 tribes of the Luhya people. There are 22 clans that comprise the Wanga tribe. The Wanga retain the Nabongo, as their monarch. The Abashitse clan holds the royal lineage of the Nabongo. The current Nabongo is Peter Mumia II.

The 22 Wanga clans are

  • Abashitsetse,
  • Abakolwe,
  • Abaleka,
  • Abachero,
  • Abashikawa,
  • Abamurono,
  • Abashieni,
  • Abamwima,
  • Abamuniafu,
  • Abambatsa,
  • Abashibe,
  • Ababere,
  • Abamwende,
  • Abakhami,
  • Abakulubi,
  • Abang’ale,
  • Ababonwe,
  • Abatsoye,
  • Abalibo,
  • Abang’ayo,
  • Ababule and
  • Abamulembwa.
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