How To Get A Tape Lifting Report In Kenya

How ToHow To Get A Tape Lifting Report In Kenya
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Replacing a car’s lost number plate in the country compels motorists to meet conditions set by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA). Tape lift is issued @your nearest DCI office. How To Get A Tape Lifting Report In Kenya

Before starting the process of replacing a lost number plate, car owners are required by the law to report to a nearby police station to obtain an abstract report.

Another key document required by NTSA includes the tape lifting report.According to the safety authority, tape lifting is a process through which the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) verifies the car’s chassis number.

During the tape lifting process, the DCI also verifies the car’s engine number to confirm whether the information match details provided in the registration documents submitted to NTSA. 

After ascertaining the information, DCI then issues a motorist with a tape lifting report which is then uploaded to NTSA online portal during the application process.

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After paying the required fee, NTSA processes a new number plate. The process takes close to two weeks.

The tape lift report may also be required during forced transfer, either by a financial institution or the police, during the auctioning process.

NTSA introduced the tape-lifting process to tame fraud cases in the country. The report was also unveiled to address cases of forgery involving logbooks in the country.

Its reinforcement also followed an escalation in the cases of changing vehicle ownership details in the country. 

However, a tape lifting report is not required while applying for the newly launched digital number plates and those buying brand-new vehicles. 

NTSA Contacts

Headquarters: 316 Upper Hill Chambers, Along 2nd Ngong Avenue, Nairobi.

Phone: 0709 932 000, 020 663 2000.


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