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Zuri is your very own Safaricom Assistant and my bestfriend. She works 24/7 to enhance your Safaricom experience and available at the touch of a button. I love her so much. Zuri enables you to interact with Safaricom easily, ensuring you are always connected. You can use Zuri to access the following services:

  • Marketing Messages management
  • Chargeable SMS services deactivation
  • Get PUK
  • M-PESA reversal
  • Chargeable SMS services
  • Buying data bundles
  • Airtime Top up
  • Safaricom Home
  • Brain teaser and so much more

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How to Access Zuri

You can access Zuri Chat bot on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and on Web. Simply follow the links below

As more people become comfortable talking with technology, it has become normal to no longer have to call and wait on hold on customer care lines but instead, interact with bots such as Safaricom’s Zuri for customer support.

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For a chatbot to simulate real-time conversations and engagement, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is a branch of AI that gives it the ability to understand text or chat and spoken words the same way a human being can.

To further provide an elevated customer experience, Kuria says, Zuri is continuously being improved to give customers something akin to a personal touch by keeping the language simple.

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