List Of Best Seafood Restaurants In Nairobi

LifeStyleFoodList Of Best Seafood Restaurants In Nairobi
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Seafood is any form of sea life regarded as food by humans, prominently including fish and shellfish. Shellfish include various species of molluscs (e.g. bivalve molluscs such as clamsoysters and mussels, and cephalopods such as octopus and squid), crustaceans (e.g. shrimp, crabs, and lobster), and echinoderms (e.g. sea cucumbers and sea urchins). List Of Best Seafood Restaurants In Nairobi. Historically, marine mammals such as cetaceans (whales and dolphins) as well as seals have been eaten as food, though that happens to a lesser extent in modern times. Edible sea plants such as some seaweeds and microalgae are widely eaten as sea vegetables around the world, especially in Asia.

Seafood is an important source of (animal) protein in many diets around the world, especially in coastal areas. Semi-vegetarians who consume seafood as the only source of meat are said to adhere to pescetarianism.

The harvesting of wild seafood is usually known as fishing or hunting, while the cultivation and farming of seafood is known as aquaculture and fish farming (in the case of fish). Most of the seafood harvest is consumed by humans, but a significant proportion is used as fish food to farm other fish or rear farm animals. Some seafoods (i.e. kelp) are used as food for other plants (a fertilizer). In these ways, seafoods are used to produce further food for human consumption. Also, products such as fish oilspirulina tablets, fish collagen, chitin are made from seafoods. Some seafood is fed to aquarium fish, or used to feed domestic pets such as cats. A small proportion is used in medicine, or is used industrially for nonfood purposes (e.g. leather).

List Of Best Seafood Restaurants In Nairobi

Everything Fish Restaurant and Sports Bar

Address: Ngong Rd, Nairobi


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Phone: 0113 796167

Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant & Cafè

Address: Longonot Place, Kijabe St, Nairobi

Phone: 0758 956805

Seven Seafood & Grill

Located in: Abc Place Nairobi

Address: Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Phone: 0737 776677

Samaki Samaki Seafood and Jazz

Address: 28 Othaya Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0737 345667

Sea Villians Seafood

Address: Kikao place, 34 Gitanga Rd, Nairobi

Oysters and More at Village

Located in: The Village Market

Phone: 0717 587587

2 FISH | From Here To Home

Address:  Kilimani Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0704 330900

Ocean Basket Kenya

Located in: Westgate Shopping Mall

Address: Westgate Shopping Mall, 15 Mwanzi Road

Phone: 0745 435036

Mondo Grill

Located in: Haven Cottage

Address:  Othaya Rd, Nairobi

Cafe Maghreb

Located in: Nairobi Serena Hotel

Address: Nairobi Serena Hotel, Kenyatta Ave, CBD, 69671 – 00400, Nairobi

Phone: 020 2822000

The Talisman Restaurant

Location: Karen.

Contact: 0705 999 997.

Fishmonger & chips

Address:  Corner Area, Opposite St. Agnes Complex, Quarry Road, Nairobi

Phone: 0721 999945


Address: Alozi Estate Rd, Nairobi

Phone: 0715 148388

Majiwa’s Fish Restaurant

Address: Home Depo Business centre, kamiti rd

Phone: 0713 274437

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