Madrid bus involved in an accident on the way to Leipzig

NewsMadrid bus involved in an accident on the way to Leipzig
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Madrid bus involved in an accident on the way to Leipzig. As reported by the ‘Bild’ newspaper, the Madrid bus was involved in an accident. One person, who was travelling in the opposite lane, was filming the Whites when he completely lost the steering wheel, which led him to collide with the coach. Fortunately, there were no major injuries.

Madrid have experienced a real odyssey to get to LeipzigAware that there was a smell at the airport in the German city, the team decided to make a detour of 146 kilometres to Erfurt, the place where the plane carrying the ‘Merengue’ expedition landed.

As reported by ‘Marca‘, a bus awaited the squad and technical staff at the venue to take them to the Steigenberger hotel, which was some 150 kilometres away. The ‘merengues‘ had more than 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel when an incident occurred on the way.

The newspaper ‘Bild’ reported on the incident, stating that one person, in an attempt to change lanes, hit the coach with his vehicle, which suffered several scratches to the double axle of the rear wheel. The car of the victim suffered damages of more than 3,000 euros, including a broken left rear-view mirror.

Madrid gave details of the incident to ‘Marca’: “It was a fan who, because he was filming the bus in his car, got distracted and lost the steering wheel, so he bounced off. We didn’t even notice. The people who came behind in other buses saw it”.

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After an obligatory stop and a check that all the crew were well, the bus continued on its way and the ‘merengue‘ team arrived at around 14:40 at the Steigenberger Hotel, where it was welcomed by a good number of supporters.

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