List of Best Driving Schools in Uganda

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Driving Schools in Uganda are a great way to learn how to drive safely and responsibly. They provide comprehensive training for anyone who wishes to obtain a driver’s license and become a safe and responsible driver. Uganda has a wide range of driving schools, from small local businesses to large international ones. Most driving schools focus on teaching the basics of driving, such as turning, braking, and parking. They also cover safety issues such as defensive driving, emergency maneuvers, and traffic rules. Many driving schools in Uganda also offer additional services such as vehicle maintenance, car insurance, and financing. The instructors at these driving schools are highly qualified and experienced, and provide the best possible instruction to their students. The cost of tuition at driving schools in Uganda varies, depending on the type of course, the length of the course, and the quality of instruction. However, these schools are generally quite affordable and offer great value for money. All in all, driving schools in Uganda are a great way to get your driver’s license and become a safe and responsible driver.

Here is a List of Best Driving Schools in Uganda

Sulaiman Driving School

Plot 43B Iganga Road, Uganda, Iganga

Ruhinda Advanced Driving School

Plot 36/38, Channel Street, 22129, Kampala


Kizito Towers Plot 29, Luwum Street, 26325, Kampala

Lakeside Driving School

Port Bell Road, 2959, Kampala

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Kewerimidde Driving School

Plot 8, Burton Street, Box 1436, Kampala

Kampala School of Motoring

Plot 2 Jinja Road, Udyam House, Uganda, Kampala

Kampala Institute of Driving and Mechanics

Plot 39 Luwum Street, Uganda, Kampala

Haji Kizito’s Driving School

Nyondo Street Industrial Area, 367, Masaka

Bugolobi Driving School

Bugolobi Market, Uganda, Kampala

Professional Driving School Road Safety Council

Plot 6 William Street, Uganda, Kampala

Uganda Computerized Driving Permit – UCDP- Face Technologies

Kyambogo Industrial Area, Uganda, Kampala

Face Technologies has been contracted by the Ministry of Works and Transport for the ‘Designing, Printing and Supply of Computerised Driving Permits (CDP)’. As the professional service provider, Face.

Uganda Driving Standards Agency

Plot 19 Buganda Road, P.O.BOX 28920, Uganda, Kampala

J & K Driving School

Trust Plaza Shop D206, Kampala

We are registered as a Private Limited Company and Licensed by the Ministry of Works and Transport – (Registration No. DSL 0356)- to provide driver training services.

Fosters Driving School

Address: Makerere Hill Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 702 456756 

Blick International Riding Academy Ltd

Speedway Quick Fix on Plot 105, Rubaga Road, Mengo Opposite Gaz Petrol Station, Kampala

Blick International Riding Academy (BIRA) is the premium motorcycle riding and driving school in Kampala, Uganda

Prestige Driving School – Kireka

Address: Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 704 789803

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