KMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150

BusinessKMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150
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KMFRI SACCO has been in operation for over 30 years Founded with the goal of providing KMFRI employees with savings and loan facilities Society. KMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150

The Sacco opened a common bond in 1999 and now provides savings and credit facilities to individuals, groups and institutions drawn from all over Kenya.

KMFRI Sacco is headquartered in Mombasa and effectively serves members as far as Nairobi, Kisumu, Kegati, Naivasha, Turkana, Sagana and Sang’oro.

Here is how to use KMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150

  •         Go to Mpesa Menu
  •        Select Pay Bill from your M-PESA menu
  •         Enter KMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150
  •         Enter ID number for account number
  •         Enter the amount you wish to pay
  •         Enter your M-PESA PIN
  •         Confirm details are correct and press OK
  •         You will receive confirmation message from Safaricom indicating that the money has been transferred to the Sacco.

KMFRI Sacco Savings Products

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1.      Premium Deposit Account

2.      Poa Deposit Account

3.      Rasilimali Deposit Account

4.      Ordinary Savings Account

5.      Fixed Deposit Account

6.      Children Saving Account

7.      Joint Account

8.      Holiday Saving Account

9.      Education Savings Account

10.   Business Savings Account

11.   Medical Savings Account

KMFRI Sacco Loan Products

1.       Back Office Service Activities

·        Development Loan

·        Education Loan

·        Emergency Loan

·        Karibu Loan

·        Limitless Loan

·        New Production Loan

·        Refinancing Loan

·        Safina Loan

2.      Front Office Service Activities

·        Wepesi Loan

·        Product Plus Loan

·        Zabuni Loan

·        Institutional Loan

·        Uchukuzi Loan

·        Poa Business Loan

·        Rasilimali Loan

·        Fosa Overdraft Facility

·        Fosa Salary Advance

·        Mwananchi Micro Finanace Program

KMFRI Sacco Contacts.

For more information regarding KMFRI Sacco Paybill Number 839 150, contact the Sacco through.

Head Office:

Off Silos Road, English Point, Mkomani

Tel: +254 0773 881832

Branch – Front Office Service Activity (FOSA)

1st Floor, Texas Plaza, Reef Road, Ratna

Tel: +254 041 4470050

Credit Department

Tel: 020 2318891

Marketing Department

Tel: +254 727 222 295


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