Court Finds Jowie Irungu Guilty of Monica Kimani’s Murder

NewsCourt Finds Jowie Irungu Guilty of Monica Kimani's Murder
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In a landmark ruling, Justice Grace Nzioka declared Jowie Irungu guilty of the murder of Monica Kimani. According to Justice Nzioka, the evidence presented convincingly establishes Jowie’s culpability in the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Highlighting the sequence of events, Justice Nzioka outlined how Jowie, armed with a gun and using a stolen ID, gained entry into Monica Kimani’s residence.

She emphasized that the evidence points to premeditation, indicating that the perpetrator intended for Monica Kimani to have no chance of survival.

Furthermore, the court found Jowie’s claim of not knowing Monica Kimani before her death to be untenable and insincere.

Contrary to his assertions, evidence revealed that they were acquainted during their time at Kenya Polytechnic, where they were classmates.

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The corroborative evidence regarding Jowie’s attire on the day of the incident further solidified the prosecution’s case.

Witness testimony confirmed that Jowie was wearing specific clothing items consistent with those found at the crime scene.

Moreover, Justice Nzioka highlighted Jowie’s presence in Monica Kimani’s house on the fateful day, supported by witness accounts placing him as the last person seen with the victim.

Notably, Jowie’s use of another person’s identity card to access the estate further incriminated him.

The trial, which commenced in 2018, saw the prosecution present a compelling case, supported by 35 witnesses. Despite the absence of any defence witnesses, the evidence presented was deemed sufficient to secure the verdict.

Monica Kimani’s tragic death, characterised by her body being found with her throat slit and hands and feet bound, shocked the nation.

As a young professional with aspirations and a promising career, her untimely demise reverberated across society.

Ultimately, Justice Nzioka’s ruling brings a measure of closure to the case, holding Jowie Irungu accountable for the heinous crime. It serves as a testament to the pursuit of justice and accountability in the face of such grievous acts.

“Court Finds Jowie Irungu Guilty of Monica Kimani’s Murder,” look up tv, 2024,

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