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15 Best Jobs for Teenagers to Consider for the Future

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Everyone remembers their first job. Learning skills outside of school and making a little money is great for teens. Our experts are breaking down the best jobs for teens! Watch and share it with the young person in your life. 15 Best Jobs for Teenagers to Consider for the Future

As a teenager, you may search for possible ways to earn money without falling behind on schoolwork and after-school activities. Luckily, there are part-time positions available for teens to gain valuable skills and work experience while making an income. Many supervisors will work with teens to train them and prepare them for the duties of a part-time role.

In this article, we highlight some of the best jobs for teens and explain why these roles can be good first jobs.

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to use Indeed job search, per our Terms of Service.

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What types of jobs are well-suited for teens?

Since teenagers typically have school obligations for most of the week, part-time jobs offering weekend and evening shifts are ideal. These part-time positions can be good starter jobs for teens as many require little to no experience to pursue. Such part-time work can also allow teens to work a more flexible schedule that aligns with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities.

Pursuing these jobs as a teen can help you develop the necessary soft skills as you prepare for college or full-time positions in the future. You may also gain relevant work experience to list on a resume or college application.

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15 of the best jobs for teens

There is a range of positions teens can pursue based on their schedule, interests and skill sets. An in-person position can help teens gain customer service skills, for example, while an online position can help them develop technical or writing skills. For updated salary information from Indeed, click on the provided links:

1. Kennel assistant

National average salary: $12.08 per hour

Primary duties: Kennel assistants work in animal shelters or veterinary clinics to care for dogs and cats. They will clean cages, groom animals, take them on walks, bathe them, give medication and feed them. They may also check in guests who come to visit the animals or greet guests who are dropping off dogs and cats.

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2. Fast food attendant

National average salary: $12.36 per hour

Primary duties: Fast food attendants work in the fast food environment to prepare and serve food or beverages to customers. They may work behind the counter, taking orders from customers in the store or at the drive-thru. Fast food attendants need to know the different ingredients of certain menu items to answer customers’ questions regarding the food. They may also clean the lobby and bathroom areas, including the tables, floors, doors and windows.

3. Grocery store cashier

National average salary: $12.99 per hour

Primary duties: Grocery store cashiers will work behind a cash register to scan customers’ items, bag their products, take payments and return change. Grocery store cashiers may also stock shelves, take inventory and assist customers in finding products.

4. Car wash attendant

National average salary: $13.20 per hour

Primary duties: A car wash attendant washes, buffs and shines cars. They will clean both the interior and exterior areas of cars in a timely and efficient manner. Other responsibilities include vacuuming the car’s interior, throwing away trash, washing the exterior of vehicles with soap, as well as polishing and drying cars.

5. Restaurant host/hostess

National average salary: $13.35 per hour

Primary duties: Restaurant hosts and hostesses greet customers and lead them to their tables as they enter the restaurant. They are often responsible for seating guests at their preferred table while also ensuring servers receive a fair amount of customers in each of their sections. Other responsibilities can include answering customer questions, taking phone calls and making reservations.

6. Barista

National average salary: $13.75 per hour

Primary duties: A barista works in a coffee shop to make coffee-related beverages for customers. They will follow and memorize specific recipes to create delicious drinks. Other responsibilities of baristas include greeting customers, answering any questions about the menu, taking inventory and maintaining a clean lobby area for customers.

7. Lifeguard

National average salary: $13.80 per hour

Primary duties: Lifeguards work at pools, beaches or aquatic centers to ensure the safety of guests swimming in the water. Other responsibilities include scanning the aquatic area to ensure swimmers follow safety guidelines and saving drowning or struggling swimmers. They are trained and certified in proper safety procedures, CPR and first aid. Lifeguards must also pass exams testing their swimming abilities. (Per the American Red Cross, the minimum age to graduate from a lifeguard training course is 15 years old.)

8. Concession stand worker

National average salary: $14.19 per hour

Primary duties: Concession stand workers serve at concession stands to provide food and drinks to people at different events. They will take beverage and food orders from guests, process payments and provide change. Concession stand workers are also in charge of keeping the concession stand area clean and presentable.

9. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $14.38 per hour

Primary duties: Retail sales associates work in a store to greet customers, sell products and answer any questions. They are also responsible for assisting customers with any needs, exchanging or returning products, taking inventory, and ensuring the store is clean and presentable throughout the day.

10. Library assistant

National average salary: $14.92 per hour

Primary duties: Library assistants will work with visitors in libraries to help find books and check them out. They will also assist librarians in taking inventory, shelving books and digitizing printed files or older documents.

11. Restaurant server

National average salary: $15.22 per hour

Primary duties: Restaurant servers write down customers’ orders and then serve their food. They are also responsible for ensuring customers enjoy their experience and will bring them food, beverages, condiments or other requests. Servers may escort guests to their seats if hosts aren’t available, clean and wipe down tables and prepare customers’ checks.

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12. House cleaner

National average salary: $16.65 per hour

Primary duties: House cleaners ensure a home or specific rooms in a house are properly cleaned. Common tasks can include sweeping, vacuuming, washing and drying clothes, dusting, cleaning bathtubs and toilets, wiping down counters and washing dishes.

13. Dog walker

National average salary: $17.16 per hour

Primary duties: Dog walkers walk and care for dogs while their owners are away. They will ensure dogs receive enough exercise, are safely walked to and from their homes and get food and water. Dog walkers may need to walk dogs in every weather condition at designated daily times.

14. Babysitter

National average salary: $20.98 per hour

Primary duties: Babysitters watch and care for children while the child’s parents are away. They may be responsible for tasks like feeding, transporting and bathing children. Babysitters and nannies may participate in courses to become certified in CPR or first aid practices to provide advanced care to children in an emergency.

15. Tutor

National average salary: $24.78 per hour

Primary duties: Tutors work directly with students to help them enhance their knowledge in certain subjects. They will often work with students struggling in a specific class to better explain complex subjects in simpler terms. Tutors also help students develop better learning methods by studying with them and simplifying their lessons.

Birt, Jamie. “15 Best Jobs for Teenagers to Consider for the Future.” Indeed Career Guide, 2022. https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/best-jobs-for-teens.

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