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List of Top Taxi Apps in Kenya

ridesharing company (also known as a transportation network companyride-hailing service; the vehicles are called app-taxis or e-taxis) is a company that, via websites and mobile apps, matches passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire that, unlike taxicabs, cannot legally be hailed from the street. List of Top Taxi Apps in Kenya

The legality of ridesharing companies by jurisdiction varies; in some areas they have been banned and are considered to be illegal taxicab operations. Regulations can include requirements for driver background checks, fares, caps on the number of drivers in an area, insurance, licensing, and minimum wage.

Here is a List of Top Taxi Apps in Kenya


Uber is a Taxi app that has been around for a long time now (since 2015). It’s one of the top apps you can use to book a taxi. The advantage of this app is that it operates across the world, so you can use it from Kenya and request a ride in any other country.

Uber has the following packages:

  • UberX
  • Boda
  • ChapChap
  • UberEats


This app was first launched in Kampala, Uganda, but they have now developed their app for Kenya. On the other hand, SafeBoda in terms of pricing has managed to create a certain standard that is comfortable for both the rider and customer. Presently, cost per minute is 50 Uganda shillings ($0.013), while the cost per kilometres is about 700 shillings ($0.19).The SafeBoda app calculates a fair, standard, and transparent price on every ride. When you input your destination into the app, it will give you a price estimate based on distance. After the trip, the app will calculate a final price based on distance and time.


Wasili came in targeting the underserved towns in the country. The taxi app charges Sh150 for the shortest trip and levies 15 per cent commission on the driver/partner’s total earnings.

This app operates in most Kenyan towns with a developed transport system. You pay cash to the driver, so there are no hidden costs, unlike Uber, where they estimate how much you will pay for the ride before you request it.


Swvl is a provider of tech-enabled mass transit solutions, offering intercity, intracity, B2B and B2G transportation products and services. Swvl operates in 135 cities in 20 countries across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Swvl has come up with a public Matatu hailing app. This enables you to request a bus at your location and pay using Mpesa. You can track the matatu as it gets to your pick-up point.


inDriver is an international ride-hailing service with more than 100 million users operating in 45 countries. It is the second largest ridesharing and taxi app worldwide by downloads.

inDriver allows customers to set the cost for the ride, and drivers can bid for the ride, and you can pick one that suits your budget.


* The Hava rider app provides a fare estimate and allows you to track the driver in real time. A feature you won’t find with other hailing services. * Having a choice is great. Pay the way you want; we accept cash, Mpesa and credit cards.

One of the locally developed taxi apps in Kenya is Hava. They launched this app in 2018. This allowed local cabs to compete with multinational companies that were mainly monopolizing the market.

Hava has its operations mainly in Nairobi, but you can also book a cab from other towns in the country.

Little Cab (Lite Taxi)

This app is one of the taxi apps you can use to get cabs on demand. The app’s look has made many people refer to it as Lite Uber because it looks like a replica of Uber.

Little Cab is not the only product Kamal Budhabati has built from scratch. The physics graduate through Craft Silicon Company is a big name in banking software solutions and also has made a mark in the utility payment space. Craft Silicon currently boasts 400 employees in Kenya and a similar number in Asia.

your everyday.everything app! Designed to address more and more of your daily lifestyle needs. Commute, eat, deliver and pay with one App. GET THE APP.

How do I call Little Cab?

The feature allows the user to make a request for a ride by simply dialing *826# from their mobile phone.

Bolt (Formerly Taxify)

The smartest way to move around in cities. Forget expensive taxi rides or slow public transport. Get a ride in minutes.

The app is available in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. You can also use Bolt to book a cab from Kenya to other countries as they have operations in several cities of Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan.