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List of Best Kenyan Reggae MCs

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Kenyan reggae MCs, like Jamaican deejays, chant, make statements (however unorthodox) and act as conventional hosts to jam sessions, raves, local and international reggae events in Kenya. List of Best Kenyan Reggae MCs. Along with reggae DJs (also known as selectors), reggae MCs in Kenya host events where they play a compilation of songs (mostly reggae and dancehall music) which is later compiled, distributed and sold to clubs, matatus, resellers and individuals. Kenyan reggae MCs mostly sing along or chant over a rhythm or song while engaging a crowd.

Kenyan reggae is mainly a fusion of Jamaican reggae and local ethnic singing styles that incorporate Lingalabenga and Kenyan hip hop.

In Kenya, reggae music is accessed through radio stations, night clubs, privately owned minibuses commonly known as matatus, private CD collections, unlicensed CD compilations, shared MP3 collections, YouTube, and other websites.

Reggae music has had a significant influence on the entertainment, culture, craft occupations and development of Sheng slang in Kenya. Reggae music in Kenya is viewed as a powerful agent of both positive and negative social changes such as calls for freedom, tolerance, unity and the drugs sub-culture

Most notable Kenyan Reggae MCs include;

Mc Fullstop,

Ras Burner,

Mc Supa marcus,

Mc Daddy Konia (deceased),

Njambi Koikai,

MC Jahwatchy,

Mc Teargas,

Mc Stephantom Wargamble,

Mc Ghettochild,

Mc CureZediambo

Mc Kadamawe,

Mc Smarter Upscale Clan (Dj Mullaz & Mc Dido)