How to pre-register vehicle for Abu Samra border crossing

Abu Samra (Arabic: أبو سمرة, romanizedAbū Samrah) is a settlement in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Rayyan (90 km away from Doha). How to pre-register vehicle for Abu Samra border crossing.  It used to be part of the Jariyan al Batnah municipality before the municipality was incorporated into Al Rayyan.

Notable features of the area are a border post separating the southern part of the municipality from Saudi Arabia, and a well. It was previously Qatar’s only land border crossing to Saudi Arabia, until its closure in June 2017 over the Qatar diplomatic crisis. The border was opened again when the blockade ended in 2021.

How to pre-register vehicle on Metrash2 Application

1) Sign-in to the Metrash2 App – iOS | Android

2) Enter the ‘Travel Services’ section

3) Choose the ‘Pre-Registration for Abu Samra Border Crossing’

4) Enter vehicle, driver & passenger data

5) Confirm the vehicle pre-registration request

6) Receive the confirmation SMS

7) Upon arrival at the Abu Samra border, go to the ‘pre-registration’ lane

How to pre-register a vehicle through Hayya Portal (visitors only)

1) Select ‘Abu Samra border pre-registration’ on the Hayya Portal homepage

2) Register Vehicle

Details required to register a vehicle:

  • Car name
  • Car owner’s name
  • Car owner’s mobile number
  • Vehicle country of registration
  • Vehicle country code in Arabic & English
  • Car plate number
  • Vehicle type
  • Car plate colour

3) Add ‘Trip Details’

  • If one way – date of arrival.
  • If round trip – trip start date and end date

Once vehicle and trip details are added, the request will be pending until the details have been verified. Verification confirmation will be received by email or will indicate on Hayya Portal.

4) Upon vehicle and trip details being verified, traveller information can be added – passport and personal details of each person who will be joining the journey.

5) Once all details are submitted and approved, an email will be sent to the registered email address with a vehicle entry permit which consists of a QR code which will grant easy access at the Abu Samra border.

Source: Ministry of Interior/

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