List of Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers in the World

BusinessList of Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers in the World
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List of Best Video Ad Networks for Publishers in the World. An ad network is a platform that acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers and looks to curate ad inventory from publishers to sell it to advertisers. Most content creators and publishers who have ad space turn to these platforms to find buyers.

Advertisers go to ad networks in search of suitable inventory, while publishers earn money from selling ad space in exchange for a cut of the revenue.

If you want to tap into the power of online advertising but don’t know much about impressions or CPM (cost per mille), ad networks can help you. They are the ones who negotiate all the terms with buyers, including audience targets and cost per impression. After sealing the deal, they handle all the tracking, targeting, and reporting on your ad campaigns.

Here are the Top Video Ad Networks for Publishers in the world


Viewdeos’ customer-centric approach provides publishers with transparency and peace of mind; ensuring they enjoy the most recent technologies in a rapidly evolving ecosystem. The Viewdeos platform is fully managed to give publishers freedom to do what they know best – publishing.

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Viewdeos is a video-only ad network that currently services more than 300 premium publishers worldwide. This platform is one of the rare ones in the industry that focuses strictly on premium video ad inventory, so it’ll be an excellent addition to any publisher’s ad stack.

Viewdeos supports omnichannel monetization (desktop, mobile) and comes with excellent integration options and anti-fraud tools. The platform primarily relies on contextual targeting and offers a rich library of videos publishers can use to serve ads if they have none of their own.

Google AdX

Google AdX (previously known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange) is an ad exchange network. This means it is a programmatic advertising platform, offering real-time bidding (RTB) on ad spaces to ad networks, including AdSense, agencies and demand-side platforms.

Google ADX supports all online video ad formats, including instream, outstream, in-article, and in-feed video ads. The service also comes with extensive real-time and historical analytics that outshine almost any other analytical software.

Brid.TV Marketplace

Brid.TV Marketplace is a new video ad provider in the industry that helps publishers monetize their websites with video ads and maximize ad revenue. This network is recognized as an official Google MCM partner and gives publishers access to state-of-the-art programmatic video advertising technology and multiple video ad formats (instream, outstream, in-app video, etc.). 

Monetizing with Brid.TV Marketplace lets publishers leverage the premium ad demand and CPMs of Google AdX. This feature will prove particularly useful for mid-sized publishers who don’t have access to this service on their own.

With Brid.TV Marketplace, publishers will also get extensive real-time analytics, automated reporting features, and a dedicated ad optimization team to monitor their campaigns and optimize their creatives. This ad provider supports monetization on desktop and mobile devices, so publishers can use it to monetize both websites and apps.


Primis is a video discovery platform and HTML5 player that comes with its ad server and video ad marketplace (with support for instream and outstream video ads). Although not a traditional video ad network, Primis helps publishers maximize ad yield through their unique content units and some of the best engagement-boosting features on the market. 

Primis, the Video Discovery Platform is providing new revenue streams for publishers and privacy-friendly targeting for advertisers

Thanks to its ad server, Primis helps publishers serve relevant video content to their users based on their previous viewing experience. The company’s rich video library currently spans more than 30 different verticals and is constantly growing. 


Adsterra is a world-known ad network with a Partner Care approach, serving over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide. It works with 18K+ direct publishers and 12K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and non-mainstream verticals.

Adsterra is a global advertising network with support for desktop and mobile monetization. The platform offers a variety of ad formats, including instream and outstream video ads. Adsterra’s network operates across many verticals like gambling, gaming, brands, e-commerce, and more.

Adsterra has two in-house solutions publishers and advertisers will find invaluable. The first is an ad fraud protection and anti-malware system that will keep users safe and minimize revenue losses to bots. The second is an anti-AdBlock solution to prevent revenue losses to blocked ad calls.


BidMind is a programmatic advertising platform that offers a suite of hyperlocal, demographic, and cross-device targeting parameters that helps publishers and advertisers reach their ideal viewers. This network aims to help brands and agencies launch and optimize performance-driven ad campaigns and reach new customers.

BidMind’s video ad network offers a variety of advertising formats, including instream, outstream, CTV, native, and rewarded video ads. Its media buying platform also comes with plenty of integrations with mobile inventory suppliers, making it an excellent choice for mobile publishers too.

The company’s Fraud Shield ensures a fraud-free and brand-safe environment for publishers and advertisers, ensuring their ads reach only real humans. 

BidMind’s platform also offers a white-label DSP solution for anyone looking for a pre-built infrastructure to launch a demand-side platform. Users of this solution will get full access to the platform’s API to take control of it programmatically.


Fyber is a mobile app monetization platform that lets publishers monetize through classic programmatic waterfalls and unified auctions. This platform supports VPAID ad tags and allows publishers to monetize mobile apps across different operating systems seamlessly. The network comes with a well-documented SDK, making integrating it with mobile apps a breeze.


Teads is a video ad network that distributes ads to over 1.9 billion users monthly all across the world. This platform works with thousands of premium publishers in the mobile app space, making it particularly suitable for publishers looking to monetize their mobile inventory.

Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence is a contextual video advertising platform that relies on AI-powered contextual matching to serve relevant video ads across desktop, mobile, and CTV devices. This network operates across several prominent verticals, including news, entertainment, sports, and business niches.


AdMedia helps Agencies and Brands meet their KPIs and hit their ROI objectives. AdMedia’s cross-channel advertising platform enables advertisers to purchase media across Contextual, Video, Display, Search, Email, Social Media, Mobile, and more, thus giving businesses numerous options to touch base with their customers.

Chocolate Platform

Chocolate Platform is a relatively new but fast-growing video ad network that serves over 7700 websites and apps and processes more than 20 billion impressions monthly. The platform supports traditional programmatic and real-time bidding.

If you’re a publisher in the mobile market, this ad network is perfect for you. Chocolate Platform primarily focuses on monetizing mobile traffic and offers excellent targeting options across these devices. Although most of the platform’s traffic is for mobile apps (90%), it also comes with decent advertising capabilities for mobile web.


Unruly is a renowned video ad network that offers video advertising services across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, CTV). Thanks to the large number of DSPs in its network, Unruly boasts a massive library of outstream video ads, so even publishers without any video content can monetize with this network. All of their ads adhere to Better Ads Standards and are GDPR compliant. 


SelectMedia is a fantastic cross-platform monetization solution that also offers various outstream video ad formats (in-article, in-article floating, overlay ads, etc.) and CTV video ads. The company works with many industry-leading advertisers and more than 650 premium websites, with their biggest focus being the Asian markets.


OpenX is a renowned ad exchange connected to hundreds of SSPs and DSPs, making it the obvious choice for any publishers looking to increase their ad demand. This platform works with dozens of massive clients like Vice and allows publishers to monetize across multiple devices (desktop, mobile, CTV, OTT).

Magnite (Former Rubicon Project)

Magnite is one of the world’s largest sell-side ad platforms and curated programmatic marketplaces that recently rebranded from its former name, Rubicon Project. This video ad network serves more than 65% of the world’s largest publishers, including big names like CNN, ESPN, The Economist, and Bloomberg.

Verizon Media

The second incarnation of Yahoo! Inc. is an American multinational technology company that focuses on media and online business. The current incarnation of the company was formed in 2017. Verizon Communications acquired AOL in 2015, and later purchased several assets from the previous incarnation of Yahoo! Inc., in 2017. The two entities would merge into a new subsidiary named Oath Inc. later that year. In December 2018, Verizon announced it would write down the combined value of its purchases of AOL and Yahoo! by $4.6 billion, roughly half. The company would be renamed Verizon Media the following month in January 2019.

On May 3, 2021, Verizon announced that 90 percent of the division would be acquired by Apollo Global Management for roughly $5 billion, and would simply be known as Yahoo after the agreement comes to a close. Verizon would retain a 10% stake in the new group. The acquisition was completed on September 1, 2021

Xandr (Former AppNexus)

If you’ve been a publisher for quite some time, you’ve likely already heard about Xandr under its former name AppNexus. This ad monetization platform and video ad network serves over 6.7 billion impressions daily and is one of the world’s largest video-first marketplaces. Xandr’s network includes 175+ SSP partners and more than 80 global DSP integrations.


SpotX is one of the most sought-after ad networks and CTV advertising platforms on the market today, and there’s an excellent reason for that. This network currently serves nearly three billion video ads each month and brings unique publisher solutions to the table. SpotX offers a broad set of features, including video header bidding, price floor optimizationbid activity reportingmulti-currency reportingand more


SpringServe is one of the leading open video ad serving and OTT advertising platforms in the industry with a wide assortment of advertising tools. This video ad network covers various services, including improved video header bidding and macros for GDPR compliance.


Aniview is a video ad network, ad server, and an ad player that helps publishers generate higher revenue and reach broader audiences. Publishers at Aniview can monetize with the most popular video ad formats, including instream, outstream, in-app, and in-banner video ads through the platform’s ad marketplace.

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