Top ten most expensive high schools in Kenya

ListsTop ten most expensive high schools in Kenya
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Top ten most expensive high schools in Kenya

Here is a list of the most expensive schools in Kenya:

1. International School of Kenya

This is the most expensive school in Kenya offering a North American curriculum. In this school, you pay Ksh2,070,204 per term.

2. Greensteds International School

Located 6km from Nakuru, you will pay Ksh1,010,000 per term.

3. St Andrews Turi

Located in Turi, located between Kericho and Nakuru, you will Ksh 994,500 per term

4. Brookhouse School

This is the school that resembles Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Porter. The school fees are Ksh 860,000 per term

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5. Peponi School

Located in Thika Road it allegedly belongs to the Kenyatta family. The fee here per term is around Ksh 792,000.

6. Hillcrest International School

Located in Karen, parents pay an average of Ksh 782,000 per term.

7. Braeburn Imani International School

Located along Mangu’ and owned by Braeburn group of schools, the school fee per term is around Ksh 727,000.

8. Gems Cambridge International School

Located in Karen and owned by GEMS Education, parents pay around Ksh 718,000 per term.

9. The Banda School

Located in Langat’a next to the Nairobi National park and one of the best schools offering a British curriculum, parents pay a tuition fee of around Ksh Ksh 695,000.

10. Kenton College Preparatory School

Located in Kileleshwa, parents here pay an average of Ksh 675,918 per term.

Kenya’s 10 most expensive public secondary schools

An investigation by The Standard has revealed shockingly high amounts of money being levied by public county and national schools in the country.

Below is a list of some of the most expensive schools in terms of annual fees.

1. Maseno School: Ksh 120,ooo

2. Kapsabet Boys High School: Ksh 120,000

3. Asumbi Girls High School: Ksh 108,000

4. Nairobi School: Ksh 96,000

5. Mama Ngina Girls High School: Ksh 93,000

6. Kakamega Boys High School: Ksh 93,000

7. Kapsabet Girls High School: Ksh 90,000

8. Lenana School: Ksh 88,000

9. Maranda High School: Ksh 82,000

10. Aquinas High School:  Ksh 82,000

And a source from Vihiga County tells this writer in case a parent gets a slot in a National or County school within Vihiga County, school heads give details of an account in which such parents must deposit a ‘commitment fee’ of Ksh 10,000 for the child’s space to be preserved.

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