The Samia Clans

PeopleThe Samia Clans
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The Samia Clans. Samia speaking people live in Western Kenya and Eastern Uganda. They are composed of several clans and their ancient economic activities include fishing in Lake Victoria and other rivers such as River Sio, crop farming (obulimi), and animal farming (obutuki). The Samia speaking people, as widely known by other tribes, predominantly live in Busia districts (Both in Kenya and Uganda) and speak a dialect similar to the Luhya tribe in Kenya. However, on the Ugandan side there is a slight variation in the dialect spoken by the Samia of Southern Busia on the fringe of Lake Victoria and those of North Busia district closer to Tororo District. The former speak Olusamia while the latter speak Olugwe. The two dialects are difficult to differentiate by non Samia speaking people but easily discernible by the natives. and in Uganda mainly found inbusia and Namayingo district.

They speak Lusamia and occupy Southern Region of Busia District (Busia county), Kenya.

Notable people

Here is a List of The Samia Clans

The clans of the Samia of include the

  • Abatabona,
  • Abadongo,
  • Abakhino,
  • Abakhulo,
  • Abakangala,
  • Abasonga,
  • Ababukaki,
  • Ababuri,
  • Abalala,
  • Abanyiremi,
  • Abakweri,
  • Abajabi,
  • Abakhoba,
  • Abakhwi,
  • Abadulu,
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