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Safaricom Contacts. Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile...

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Part Time Freelance Writer Jobs

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Companies, influencers, website owners and other content publishers are all looking for individuals to create content so they can increase their readership. Part Time Freelance Writer Jobs. In this article, we discuss some of the best part-time freelance writing jobs that you can turn into a full-time career.

Part-time freelance writing jobs to earn money on the side

Finding a part-time freelance writing job is a way of earning extra money while you are studying, switching careers, seeking part-time employment or you cannot work full time. The following are some of the best freelance writing jobs you can consider for your part-time gig. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, please click on the salary link for each job title below.

1. Beauty writer

National average salary: $28,777 per year 

Primary duties: Beauty writers have extensive knowledge of makeup and skincare products and they know how to write about these popular items. Responsibilities include writing engaging and accurate content that reflects the target audience’s tone, pitching articles, investigating new trends and interviewing experts to address beauty and skincare questions.

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2. Social media writer 

National average salary: $37,404 per year 

Primary duties: Social media writers create content for a brand’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Responsibilities include writing engaging content in the brand’s voice to get the target audience engaged, update information on social media pages and track insights such as engagement, traffic, shares and conversation rates. Social media writers can respond to user comments or direct messages, network with industry professionals and use paid advertising to boost brand awareness.

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3. Grant writer 

National average salary: $42,634 per year 

Primary duties: Grant writers work on developing proposals, gathering information, writing drafts and collecting approvals. Responsibilities include monitoring, tracking data, meeting proposal deadlines, preparing presentations and consulting with project managers.

4. Email marketing writer

National average salary: $44,118 per year 

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Primary duties: Email marketing writers create marketing campaigns via email to promote services or products. The role involves writing a clear and exciting marketing message for the target audience, adding graphics, images and other media. Email marketing writers can create email marketing templates, develop a personalization strategy, edit and proofread the email before sending it out.

5. SEO writer

National average salary: $52,219 per year 

Primary duties: SEO writers create search engine optimized content on search engine lists such as Google and Bing. The role entails optimizing a client’s website, including the alt tags, meta descriptions, page titles, anchor texts and more. SEO writers must work on backlinks, do keyword research, come up with blog posts and write content.

6. Video game writer

National average salary: $55,565 per year

Primary duties: Video game writers develop dialogue and plot used in video games. Responsibilities include designing the story, creating interesting characters and writing the narrative for the game. Video game writers can collaborate with designers to create a narrative that fits in with the design, work on edits provided by the editor and pitch storylines when necessary.

7. Case studies writer 

National average salary: $57,572 per year 

Primary duties: Case study writers analyze, evaluate and synthesize information into excellent writing. The role entails making a plan, being organized, drafting content and revising for editing. Case study writers can lead the research development, interview, review documents and develop training initiatives to support the case studies. They may also produce visual material for the case studies and manage a team of writers.

8. Technical writer

National average salary: $57,572 per year

Primary duties: Technical writers work with a team to garner in-depth knowledge of the documents or products they are hired to write about. Tasks include creating high-quality content that meets the organization’s standards and reflects the expectations of the target audience. Creating developer guides, interface text and online guides, technical writers can also write tutorials, edit existing technical content and reuse text when possible.

9. White paper writer

National average salary: $57,572 per year 

Primary duties: White paper writers produce authoritative content to inform the reader on a particular topic. White paper writers have expert knowledge on the subject they are writing about, but they must still conduct extensive research to create accurate content. Other duties of white paper writers include creating content that helps readers fully grasp a subject, make a decision or solve a problem.

10. Article writer

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Article writers create content for print and online magazines. Responsibilities include researching a subject and sending out high-quality pitches to editors. Article writers must also write interesting, fluff-free content that reflects the magazine’s tone, interview, verify facts and deliver error-free content that follows house-style rules.

11. B2B content writer 

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: B2B content writers create content targeted towards business readers. The role entails developing clear call-to-actions, writing in a professional tone and coming up with hard-to-ignore headlines. B2B content writers are familiar with analytics and can use it to create exciting content for readers and they know how to sell products without going for the hard-sell approach.

12. Blog writer 

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Blog writers create content for websites, whether it is a personal website or a client’s. Bloggers’ responsibilities include conducting research, pitching and creating blog posts; they must write, edit, upload content and publish it. Blog writers may even be tasked with promoting the content. Using SEO optimization tools, monitoring readers’ responses and staying informed on industry trends are other ways the best blog writers thrive.

13. Entertainment writer

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Entertainment writers create entertainment content for gossip websites, hobby spots, printed magazines, and more. For this role, writers create content that is fun and interests the target audience. Duties include researching, interviewing and delivering proofread and edited work to the editor by the established deadline.

14. Ghostwriter

National average salary: $59,632, per year

Primary duties: Ghostwriters create content for a professional or a brand by reflecting their respective tone, values or goals. The role entails collaborating with editors, campaign managers or professionals to define content goals, conduct research on the assigned article tasks and implement SEO strategies when necessary. Ghostwriters create various content from articles to blog posts, social media content, emails and more.

15. Gift guide writer

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Gift guide writers create persuasive lists to encourage readers to buy products. The role entails researching unique gift ideas, writing great content and collaborating with marketers and designers. Gift guide writers must use affiliate marketing technology to find the best products and track the conversion rate through analytic tools.

16. Press release writer

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Press release writers write press releases for professionals, brands and organizations. Responsibilities include writing, editing and proofreading text while also marketing and distributing the content to the right channels. Press release writers liaise with other professionals such as photographers, artists and printers and conduct general administration. Other duties include nurturing professional relationships, negotiating terms of contracts and finding publishing contracts for clients.

17. Product writer

National average salary: $59,632, per year 

Primary duties: Product writers create content that describes products. The role entails writing the text for website banners and brochures, collaborating with designers and crafting sales pitch emails to lure potential candidates. Other duties include applying SEO principles, conducting competitive research and promoting products on social media.

18. News writer

National average salary: $60,547 per year 

Primary duties: News writers write stories in a faced-paced environment. Responsibilities include visiting sites, conducting interviews and writing stories. News writers produce unbiased and factual reports that are concise and detail-oriented. Other duties include developing bridges, editing news anchors can read out and editing videos.

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19. Copywriter

National average salary: $62,077 per year 

Primary duties: Copywriters create content that reflects a brand’s voice and gets the target audience interested. The role entails collaborating with the PR team, designers, photographers and other professionals to create practical marketing projects. Copywriters must also follow SEO rules, source media such as images, proofread and edit their content.

Indeed Editorial Team. “Part Time Freelance Writer Jobs.” Indeed Career Guide, 2022. https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/writer-part-time-jobs.

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