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List of Devices compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Control Hub

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Xiaomi Mi Control Hub is one of the connection switchboards that Xiaomi sells outside of China and that is included in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set . Thanks to this we can mount an alarm at home or in the office, as well as connect other smart devices of the firm .

In addition to functioning as a central interconnection switchboard with other devices, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set adds a complete alarm system called ” Guard “, as well as a practical RGB ambient light that we can program as a night light .

Likewise, as a switchboard that it is, we can also make use of other devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor or the Mi Motion Sensor motion sensors, which in themselves cannot be used separately.

Operation and compatible devices with Xiaomi Mi Control Hub.

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Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Mi Control Hub included in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set kit is not compatible with a wide variety of devices if we use it with the Xiaomi Home or Mi Home application aimed at our market. Specifically, the supported devices are:

  • Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor
  • Xiaomi Mi Window and Door Sensor
  • Xiaomi Mi Wireless Switch
  • Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug (Zigbee)
  • Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor

As we can see, the number of compatible devices is quite small , so if we want to control other Xiaomi products for the smart home such as the Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 we will have to use another switchboard.

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That is why, if you were thinking of buying the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set to also link other devices of the firm, it will only be compatible with a limited number of devices , requiring another type of switchboard or gateway such as the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub .

Computer engineer addicted to new technologies. Current administrator and editor-in-chief at xiaomi.

I. What is the Mi Home smart home platform?

  • Xiaomi Mi Home is open platform for mobile, household, TV, sensors and smart home devices compatible, brought together in a common management application, providing a seamless user experience. 
  • Now Xiaomi offers Mi Home app on iOS, Android, helps manage all smart home devices of Xiaomi and compatible third parties, and allows users to create provide context to automate tasks smart home.
  • Similar to the smart home platform Samsung SmartThings, the smart home platform Xiaomi requires a Master Hub – called Gateway, which acts as the hub to connect all smart devices in the home, via Wi-Fi and connect Zigbee.
  • The present hub there are 2 versions, 1 version for the Chinese market and a total hub for the international market. The total hub can be purchased separately or together with the kit provided by Xiaomi, including some of the most basic smart home devices.
  • Not inferior to the smart home platform Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Alexa, Xiaomi Mi Home are very diverse in smart home devices, from switches, curtains, camera to smart scales, fans smart, sensors, scooters,… price affordable, accessible.

II. How does Xiaomi Mi Home work?

  • With Kits, users can add to the Mi Home app, smart home devices that come with the Kit will be automatically added to the app. If more compatible applications are available, users can add them very easily.
  • Mi Home supports a wide variety of  various smart home devices, including from third-party brands, a subsidiary of Xiaomi (such as Aqara) or from other brands. Inside the app there is a list of devices, which users can easily check before buying.
  • In the Mi Home app, users can create contexts to perform smart home tasks automatically such as when opening the door, then the switch automatically turn on, the light will come on, the fan will spin… same as on Apple HomeKit or Google Home.
  • Note that Xiaomi has versions for the Chinese and international markets, so  ;when buying, need to learn carefully. Once you have a device, you can add it to the app using an automatic device scanner or add it manually.
  • For the Chinese version, on compatible devices like  phone or smart speaker, users can activate virtual assistant Tieu Ai (Xiao Ai) to control smart home hands-free easily.
  • With smart home devices Xiaomi smart home branded “Works with Google Assistant” hay “Works with Alexa”, users can add the device to the Google smart home platform or Alexa, then use these digital virtual assistants for easy hands-free control.

III. Devices that support Xiaomi’s smart home platform

For anyone who wants to build a Xiaomi Smart Home, the first thing to do is download the app Xiaomi Mi Home . The Mi Home app is the hub from which you can control all your devices. All Xiaomi devices will sync with the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway 2

Smart Home Gateway is a device that allows you control all other smart sensors in your home. It can also be used as a radio, alarm, doorbell and night light.

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Smart Home Gateway works with WiFi and needs to be connected to an outlet at all times.

Xiaomi Smart Bluetooth Switch

This is a small round button that helps you plug controlswitches and lights. So you don’t want to use apps and need one physical button to control all your devices, then Smart Bluetooth Switch will help you.

Xiaomi Door and Window Sensor

When you need to automate different aspects of the home experience. This involves mounting door and window sensors. These sensors are programmed to trigger an action when a door or window is opened.

One of the most common actions is using the door sensor to automatically turn on the lights Xiaomi in the room. Window sensors can be used to automatically turn off the air conditioner if you open the window,…

Xiaomi Wireless Keywall Switch

If all the appliances and lights in your home have become smarter, it makes a lot of sense to use a physical switch that makes life easy. .

This switch can be wall mounted, controlling Xiaomi Smart Bulb and Yeelight. This device can also act as a doorbell switch that works with the alarm widget from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Smart Camera

One of the top safety indoor requirements is to install cameras, such as Xiaomi Smart Camera. This smart camera captures high quality video 1080p and has a field of view of 156 degrees. It has a feature that recognizes the person in the video when you are not at home and sends you a 12-second video.

This is not just a camera, you can use it as a communication device, allowing you talk to your friends and family  through the Mijia app . This camera can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table as it is very compact.

Xiaomi Yeelight Dimmer

Yeelight Dimmer is a convenient tool to help control Xiaomi lights at home. Just like when reducing fan speed, you can also control the brightness of  Xiaomi lights. It can be easily mounted on the wall or can be connected to electrical wiring.

Yeelight Dimmer can light on and off, change color of light, switch according to time of day, it’s a simple utility to control lighting effects of the house.

Xiaomi Light Intensity Sensor

This is a sensor detects people or animals, notifies you of any movement or uses it in tandem with other smart Xiaomi devices.

For example, you can set up a Xiaomi sensor near your bedside table and connect it to a nearby smart Yeelight, the light will automatically turn on when you pass by table. This device can also be useful in tracking movements in the house.

Xiaomi Smart Light Strip

This is your best choice is Xiaomi Smart Light Strip, with a length of 3m. The unit comes with a controller with a single button that you can use for full control light strip.

When not in use, this light strip can be stowed anywhere.

Xiaomi Temperature Sensor

If you have young children in your home or live in a humid area, a temperature sensor is required. Toddlers often start crying if the temperature rises and you will know if it is the weather or not with the help of Xiaomi Temperature Sensor.

If you have houseplants that need to stay at a certain temperature, a temperature sensor can help you know the exact temperature

Xiaomi Fire Alarms

Xiaomi Fire Alarms is a fire alarm device, with this device it has partnered with Honeywell. It can run for 5 years without the user having to charge the battery. To make sure the fire alarm works perfectly, you can set up a test  self-discovered every month. Every month, the fire alarm will detect if it’s working properly and send you a message.

Equipment made of fireproof material, in case of fire. It can work independently or in conjunction with other devices with the help of Smart Gateway.

Xiaomi Smart Lamp

Xiaomi Smart Lamp is a beautifully crafted, warm light that is perfect for working at night. Xiaomi Smart Lamp has two lights, one is direct light and the other is natural light, which helps reduce eye strain.

This light can be controlled through the Xiaomi Smart Home app.

Xiaomi Smart Socket

Xiaomi Smart Socket is Xiaomi smart plug, can be used with other devices. One of the top features is, you can control the functions of the plug and turn off the device connected to the plug remotely.

Xiaomi Aqara

Xiaomi Aqara is the gateway hub, this is central piece for the entire Xiaomi Smart Home. Without Aqara, no automated devices and sensors would work. So, buy a Home Gateway 2 or Aqara before you start setting up home smart home 

IV. Does MiHome work with Google Home?

  • MiHome can work with Google Home, because Google Home works with Android devices, as well as iOS and without problems What to do with Google Home or Xiaomi.
  • There was a temporary disabling of Mi Home features from the Google Home app due to security concerns . But after Xiaomi fixed the problem, Google restored everything. So this means Mi Home and Google Home (Nest) work seamlessly with each other.

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