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THE REAL STORY BEHIND PREZZO- REDSAN BEEF. With the introduction of showbiz magazines like Phat, The Insyder, Pulse and Buzz; plus TV shows like The Beat, Iz Vipi; and numerous radio and TV shows; there was need for content in the early 2000s to feed those platforms. Kenyan celebrities provided that content in a major way.

While CMB Prezzo introduced the ‘Bling Bling’ culture, largely borrowed from the West, beef took center stage in the entertainment circles.

Ogopa DJs beefed with Calif Records counterparts; Homeboyz beefed with anyone who crossed their business path; K South Flava recorded a song, ‘Kapuka’, dissing Ogopa DJs for using only one beat in all their songs; and so on.

And the beef was real. No clout chasing. Guns were drawn and shots fired.

When Prezzo and Bamboo were beefing, an altercation occurred at the Sarit Center parking lot one night when Prezzo’s crew, armed to the teeth, met Bamboo’s crew and guns were drawn and shots fired. No one was hurt though.

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Very real such that at one of the Kisima Awards ceremonies at the Carnivore grounds, Pulse writer Smitta Smitten was once pinned down on the ground by the late Feroze Hirji, who was Nazizi’s brother and Prezzo’s right hand man. Smitta had written a damaging article about Necessary Noize, and were it not for Nazizi’s intervention, it would have turned out to be an ugly incident. That’s how Feroze protected his sister Naz.

When Code Red DJs dissed Necessary Noize music while at Nation FM during one of their shows, they were forced to use the basement escape route out of Nation Center that night when they learned that the entire Blu Zebra crew were waiting for them outside the building to rough them up.

That’s how bad it was then.

Perhaps the most prolonged beef those days was between two top musicians; Redsan and Prezzo. It simply went beyond music.

For a very long time, Redsan dated beauty queen Delilah, with whom he went with everywhere he performed at. It was public knowledge. But that’s not the story.

Prezzo’s mother, who was head of the Makini business empire, which owned Makini Herbal Clinic, among others, was a business rival of Delilah’s mother, a prominent businesswoman then.

They brought the beef into the music industry through the two musicians who never saw each other eye to eye. In fact, in the song titled ‘Prezzo’, rapper Prezzo goes ahead to diss Delilah’s mother in one of the verses.

The beef later faded away when Redsan broke up with Delilah, who relocated to Europe, according to reports.

Although this beef was very much talked about in the showbiz industry, not much information was divulged on what was going on behind the scenes.

Redsan and Prezzo later on decided to bury the hatchet and even did a song together.

The beef between Jaguar and Prezzo came much later, but this was Jaguar’s plot to get back into the music industry just before he released his hit ‘Kigeugeu’. If the two musicians allow me, one day I will write about how Tanzanian rapper AY organized a meeting between Prezzo and Jaguar at a Kilimani hotel without their knowledge, but the night went south when they both got wind of what was about to happen. Just in time.

Thursday is for TBTs. Keep it here.

John Mosh Muchiri

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