Will Lionel Messi get another Golden Ball this year?

The Argentine team won the World Cup in 2022. World soccer star Lionel Messi, whose career was thought to be coming to an end, pleased his fans by becoming the top scorer of the championship. Experts believe that Messi’s today’s football results allow him to claim the golden ball. For many soccer experts this was not a surprise, but negative critics said that in this case, the award could lose any value.

How many awards does Lionel Messi have?

The super footballer now has seven gold goals to his credit. This is an absolute record. The nearest pursuer – Cristiano Ronaldo has only 5 such trophies. Messi got the last ball in 2021, when he was already playing for Paris Saint-Germain. Critics believe that the footballer does not meet the high status he has. Awarding the latter award was already considered excessive, because the results of the player in the new club were not happy at all.

However, in 2022 there was a World Cup, at which Argentina and Messi showed the highest results, and the striker was talked about again. It should be noted that there are almost no other such bright footballers in the world, and the talent of Lionel no one doubts.

Will the player be able to perform at a high level?

The Argentine’s playing career has shown many times that he is capable of the impossible. And although the football results of Messi today are much lower than at the peak of his career at Barcelona. But this decline began not after his move to a new club, but much earlier, in 2018-2020. Still, the footballer is already 35 years old, most of his colleagues end their careers a little earlier. However, Messi is not just a soccer player, his football life is very important to him. He doesn’t see himself without soccer. Those records he has set cannot be broken for a long time yet. 

Among Lionel’s awards and trophies worth mentioning are:

  • 7 Golden Balls;
  • The title of top scorer in Barcelona;
  • 2 prizes for the best footballer of the year in Europe;
  • Pichichi trophy;
  • 6 Golden Boot and much more.

Leaving Barcelona in 2021 has badly affected the footballer. Especially since it was not his decision or the club’s wish. However, Lionel Messi managed to pull himself together, and worthy represent the national team at the World Cup. As we can see, even at the age of 35 a truly talented footballer can amaze not only the most devoted fans, but also the whole world. We are confident that Messi’s life in the world of football is not over yet. We expect more records and successes from him, because he has not yet said his last word in the sport.

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