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Samuel Kimani Maina, known as Selekta Jah Glory, is a rising talent in the reggae music scene and a new member of Supremacy Sounds. With a passion for both DJing and MCing, Jah Glory has always dreamed of being an all-around reggae entertainer and businessman.

In 2017, at 20 years old, he made the decision to pursue a career as a selekta after being trained by Supremacy Sounds’ DJ Raskull. He continues to nurture his aspirations of becoming a radio presenter and never losing his love for the industry.

Drawing inspiration from Supremacy Sounds’ DJ Juan, who also serves as his mentor, Jah Glory has performed with popular reggae personalities at various clubs. In addition to his selekta career, he is a talented singer and has a side hustle.

Jah Glory chose his stage name to reflect the purposeful launch of his career and his plans to continue running his occupation with the same intention – by “Jah Glory”.

Connect with Selekta Jah Glory on social media:

  • Instagram: @selektajahglory
  • Twitter: @selektajahglory
  • Facebook: @selektajahglory
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