Peponi School

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With a preparatory school situated in Kabete, Peponi School traces its history back to 1989. It is an independent and privately-owned day/boarding co-education institution found on a 45-acre piece of land along the Nairobi-Thika Highway near Ruiru. The school caters to students from all over Kenya as well as other multinational students.

Although it has only existed for three decades, the school was designed to offer the British curriculum geared towards the Common Entrance Exam. Peponi School offers IGCSE education and in 2017, it began offering the US-based College Board examinations including SAT.

Peponi School is a member of the IAPS and is inspected by the Schools Inspection Service (SIS) for British Schools Overseas (BSO).

School Fees Structure

School tuition for the first year of enrolment, based on the fees published for academic year 2022/2023
Type of FeeTerm of FeePrice (KES)
Application FeeOne-Time FeeShilling5,000
Registration FeeOne-Time FeeShilling15,000
Caution DepositOne-Time FeeShilling450,000 
Pupil’s PassOne-Time FeeShilling5,000
Tuition FeeTrimesterShilling2,194,530   (Shilling731,510 × 3)
TOTAL for first yearShilling2,669,530

Annual School Fees

Overview of total annual fees per grade (excluding the first year one-time fees).
Based on published prices for academic year 2022/2023.
AgeGradeTotal Fees
13Grade 8Shilling2,194,530
14Grade 9Shilling2,194,530
15Grade 10Shilling2,194,530
16Grade 11Shilling2,194,530
17Grade 12Shilling2,194,530

Prices shown are illustrative only and subject to change. Schools may or may not raise their prices for future academic years.

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