The Nyala Clans

The Nyala Clans. They speak Lunyala and occupy Busia District. Other Nyala (Abanyala ba Kakamega) occupy the north western part of Kakamega District. The Banyala of Kakamega are said to have migrated from Busia with a leader known as Mukhamba. They speak the same dialect as the Banyala of Busia, save for minor differences in pronunciation. The Abanyala ba Kakamega are also known as Abanyala ba Ndombi. They reside in Navakholo Division North of Kakamega forest. Their one-time powerful colonial chief was Ndombi wa Namusia. Chief Ndombi was succeeded by his son, Andrea.

Andrea was succeeded by Paulo Udoto, Mukopi, Wanjala, Barasa Ongeti, Matayo Oyalo and Muterwa in that order.

The clans of the Banyala include

  1. Abahafu,
  2. Ababenge,
  3. Abachimba,
  4. Abadavani,
  5. Abaengere,
  6. Abakangala,
  7. Abakhubichi,
  8. Abakoye,
  9. Abakwangwachi,
  10. Abalanda,
  11. Abalecha,
  12. Abalindo,
  13. Abamani,
  14. Abalindavyoki,
  15. Abamisoho,
  16. Abamuchuu,
  17. Abamugi,
  18. Abamulembo,
  19. Abasinyama,
  20. Abamwaya,
  21. Abanyekera,
  22. Abaokho,
  23. Abasaacha,
  24. Abasakwa,
  25. Abasaya,
  26. Abasenya,
  27. Abasia,
  28. Abasiloli,
  29. Abasonge (also found among Kabras),
  30. Abasumba,
  31. Abasuu,
  32. Abatecho (also found among Bukusu),
  33. Abaucha,
  34. Abauma,
  35. Abaumwo,
  36. Abacharia,
  37. Abayaya,
  38. Abayirifuma (also found among Tachoni),
  39. Abayisa,
  40. Abayundo and Abasiondo,
  41. Abachende.

The Banyala do not intermarry with someone from the same clan.

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