The Marama Clans

The Marama Clans. The Marama also known as Abamarama are Luhya tribe occupying Marama location in Kakamega county.The town of Butere is located in West Marama and is a significant trading center in Kakamega.

Marama people are said to have come to Kenya through Uganda.After the collaspe of the Chwezi Empire of Uganda,a man named Wamogi migrated to Tiriki with his sons(Wanga,Khabiakala and Eshifumbi).Wanga migrated to Emanga, Eshifumbi migrated to Emahondo,(he is the ancestor of the Abamuyira and Abakokoya clans).Angulu (Wanga’s nephew) migrated to Butere.

His offspring founded the Abakhuli,Abashiambitsi,Abakhongo and Abaseta.Martin Shikuku was from Abarechaga, with over 40% of the population,Abamukhula is the dominant clan with several sub clans and they are ‘real’ Abamarama.

Other big clans are the Abashirotsa,Abatere,Abashieni,Abamanyulia and Abalukhoba.

They are a calm people welcoming and quite organized.The main activities include crop farming and small scale business.The current member of parliament (2018) for the area is Tindi Mwale,a Marama ,the first governor of Kakamega His Excellency Ambetsa Oparanya who his also the Leader of Councils of governor’s in Kenya,also haile from the Community.

They speak Lumarama and occupy Butere district. Marama clans include Abamukhula, Abatere, Abashirotsa, Abatsotse, Aberecheya, Abamumbia, Abakhuli, Abakokho, Abakara, Abamatundu, Abamani, Abashieni, Abanyukhu, Abashikalie, Abashitsaha, Abacheya, etc.

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