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NyongeSasande.com. also abbreviated as NS NEWS is a Kenyan news guides and Lists website founded by Kennedy Nyongesa Sande in the year 2020. This Blog closely follow, research, and write about topics to bring you the most up-to-date guides, reviews, lists, and advice. The site is owned by Nyosake Investment registered in Kenya. This site also runs an Android App on Google Playstore. The Blog is also a member at Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE).

NyongesaSande was registered on Saturday 18th of July 2020 and is the fourth standalone brand of Nyosake Investment (NI) a Kenyan Based Company, it is a competitor to cnyakundi.com, Victormatara.com, VictorMochere.com, SPM BUZZ and many other Kenyan Websites in the same niche.

The Founder Kennedy Nyongesa Sande (born September 21, 1988), is an Kenyan blogger, Pan African-ist ,columnist Political Activist ,Youtuber , Human Rights Activist, Social Media Enthusiast,  informer & businessman who has interest in politics, governance,corporate and fraud. Sande is a Digital media strategist, a lover of politics and a passionate Pan-Africanist. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nyosake Investment and runs several blogging sites under the same Company.

The Domain name Nyongesasande.com was registered on Saturday 18th of July 2020 according to WHOIS and it has became the number one general news, Guides and entertainment website barely two years after being set up.

As of September 2022, nyongesasande.com has more than 1.2 million page views per month. The website nyongesasande.com has more than 30 categories of news and topics which helps to attract diverse audience.

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NyongesaSande.com also runs a question and answer forum

The purpose of NyongesaSande.com is to offer advice and answers on common issues, technology questions and problems in a clear and simplified format the site also provides Lists in different categories.

The site features over 11,000 articles written by experts, informing and teaching readers as well as providing lists to help the site readers save time online.

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