Requirements to Qualify as a Nominee to party Lists in Kenya During General Elections

NewsPoliticsRequirements to Qualify as a Nominee to party Lists in Kenya During General Elections
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NOTICE is hereby given to the public on the qualifications and requirements for candidates contesting for elective positions together with nominees to Party Lists in the upcoming General Election scheduled to be held on 9th August, 2027

Qualifications for Nominees of Party Lists under Articles 97(1) (c) and 98 (1) (b), (c) and (d), and for the members of county assemblies under Article 177 (1) (b) and (c)

The following:

  • Nominee to the National Assembly –
  • Nominee to the Senate
  • Youth Nominee to the Senate
  • Persons with Disability Nominee to the Senate
  • Marginalized Group Nominee to the County Assembly
  • Gender Special Seats Nominee to the County Assembly (For Gender Top Up)


  • Must be a Kenyan citizen for at least 10 years before the election
  • Must be a registered voter
  • Must not owe allegiance to a foreign state
  • Certification of Disability from the relevant institution as prescribed by the Commission.
  • Must meet the statutory moral and ethical requirements under the Leadership and Integrity Act;
  • Must have been Kenyan citizens for at least 10 years;
  • Must not hold dual citizenship unless citizenship of the other country has been obtained by operation of law without capacity to opt out;
  • Must not be an undischarged bankrupt;
  • Must not be subject to a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months from the date of registration of candidates or date of elections;
  • Must not have been found to have abused or misused state or public office or contravened Chapter Six of the Constitution; and
  • Must not have been dismissed or removed from public office for contravening the provisions of Articles 75, 76, 77 and 78 of the Constitution.


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A Political Party must submit the following documents to the Commission during the Commission Nomination:

  1. Party Lists containing nominees appointed in accordance with Articles 97(1)(c), 98(1)(b), (c) and 177(1)(c) and (c) of the Constitution in the manner prescribed by the Commission and authorized by signatories of the nominating Political Party
  2. Duly signed copies of Letters of Acceptance of the Nominees
  3. Party lists shall contain the name, address, age, sex, disability and category of disability, phone number, occupation, identity card number or passport number and colored passport size photograph image, elective post sought and such other qualifications as are provided under the constitution and the Act in the prescribed Form 24B.
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