Azimio La Umoja manifesto PDF

Azimio La Umoja manifesto PDF. Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga has launched his manifesto, detailing his plan for the first 100 days in office if his camp carries the day in August. Raila launched the 10-point manifesto at the Nyayo stadium, flanked by his running mate, Martha Karua and hundreds of his supporters and political allies.

Azimio La Umoja manifesto PDF


Dubbed Inawezekana Agenda, the highlights of the manifesto promises to address the following issues affecting Kenyans:

  1. Achievement of double digit economic growth rate
  2. Using manufacturing as the engine for wealth creation and employment
  3. Growing and supporting the MSME including JuaKali sectors
  4. Creating an enabling environment for smart agriculture, for improved livestock farming and for growth of the blue economy
  5. Mainstreaming ICT towards a digital economy
  6. Improving the investment climate by making it attractive to all investors including Kenyans, the diaspora and foreigners
  7. Pursuit of a policy of zero tolerance to corruption
  8. Commitment to addressing the cost of living and raising standards of living of Kenyans in both rural and urban areas
  9. Inua jamii-pesa mfukoni, baba care, kazi kwa wote, and uchumi kwa akina mama
  10. Free education
  11. Universal quality healthcare for all
  12. Food security and nutrition for all
  13. Making every Kenyan feel secure and safe at home, in communities, rural areas, towns and cities
  14. Provision of sports and recreation facilities for emotional, physical, mental, social, moral growth and development of people
  15. Creating an enabling environment that fosters respect for faiths, cultures and communities
  16. Developing a comprehensive foreign policy that would promote Kenya’s political and economic interests abroad
  17. Promoting good labour relations and free media as key elements of democratic governance.

He outlined his plan if elected president as:

1.’One County, One Product’

The programme, according to Raila, is premised on manufacturing as the engine for wealth creation and employment to achieve double digit economic growth rate.

At the implementation level, the National Government will provide material and technical support to each county government for vibrant industrialization.

It will also focus on increasing devolved resources to transform counties by advancing a ‘One County One Product’ program

2. ‘Kazi Kwa Wote’

The Azimio Government plants to have manufacturing as the driver of the government’s economic revolution is envisaged to spur growth of all sectors of the economy resulting in employment and wealth creation.

The AZIMIO government will support the growth of MSMEs, including the JuaKali sector through improved productivity and efficiency to spearhead the ‘Made in Kenya’ products.

3. ‘Fukuza Njaa’

The objective of the Fukuza Njaa agenda, according to Raila, is to feed the people and generate agricultural bounty that Kenya has the potential to produce.

According to Raila, his government will create an enabling environment for smart agriculture, improved livestock farming and growth of the blue economy.

4. ‘Inua Jamii, Pesa kwa jamii’

Pesa kwa Jamii (universal basic income) is a social protection programme that will give Ksh.6,000 to 2million needy households across the nation.

According to Raila, the money is not a handout but an investment and a foundation for a new transformational value chain that will also trigger massive economic activity and create thousands of localized small-scale businesses and enterprises across the country. This will lead to millions of jobs and the eventual development of a thriving middle class.

5. ‘Azimio La Kina Mama’

Under this agenda, the Azimio La Umoja government will focus on the true multipliers of wealth in the Kenyan community; the women.

The programme plans to unlock access to financing for women-led businesses and provide support for women on other enabling factors such as access to assets for production, land tenure and proportional representation at all levels of government

6. ‘Hashtag Inawezekana’

According to Raila, the AZIMIO government recognizes that the youth are the engine of the country’s long term growth and development.

The Hashtag Inawezekana programme will equip the youth with the mindset, skills, funds and technology to enable them to innovate and even surpass their global counterparts.

The government will also provide ‘Baba Connect’ countrywide.

7. ‘Baba care’

BabaCare which seeks to address matters health in the country will ensure access to quality healthcare services by all Kenyans as per need and, provided by motivated health professionals.

The programme will also provide medical Insurance for retired public servants.

8. “Waste not a Single Child”

This programme, according to Raila, will be an aggressive scheme to ensure that all, not some of Kenya’s children, get rightful access to quality education.

The government under Raila also plans to deploy motivated teachers to deliver quality education.

9. ‘Maji Kwa Kila Boma’

Under this programme, Raila’s government will implement the Maji Kwa Kila Boma programme to radically reverse the shortages and high cost of water and ensure access by all, particularly for the poor.

10. ‘Administrative Continuity’

The Raila-led government plans to build up on and improve on the gains made by the exiting government.

According to Raila, Africa suffers from a retrogressive mindset of starting afresh, instead of advancing existing accomplishments.

During his manifesto launch, Raila said the AZIMIO government will reinvigorate and ensure the actualization of Vision 2030 by improving on gains made by the current government.

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