MOM: How to Inquire HR Service in Qatar

WorldQatarMOM: How to Inquire HR Service in Qatar
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MOM: How to Inquire HR Service in Qatar. The HR Department at the Ministry of Municipality (MoM) provides this service to the ministry’s employees. This comes as part of the integration of ministry’s services and its endeavor towards promoting the services offered to its employees, reducing visits, saving time and raising the efficiency of the HR staff.

This service aims at providing the services facilitated by the HR Department, such as personnel services, salaries and wages, leaves and self-transactions, training and development and travel tickets.

Using the Service

  • To contact customers of the HR Department from inside the ministry, you may call at the unified phone number (8885).
  • To contact customers from outside the ministry, you may call at (44348885).

Additional Information

The service offers the following advantages:

  • Providing short number that customers may use to communicate with any section of the HR Department.
  • Briefing customers about the latest services and instructions through a recorded message that is playing while waiting when the line is busy.
  • Keeping a complete record of incoming call numbers showing time and duration of calls to facilitate communication and follow-up with customers
  • Recording an incoming call to monitor the performance quality of employees and how far they achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Providing voice mail and email services that enable the customer to leave a message if there is no answer, with the option of sending the message as an audio file to the email of the concerned staff and contact them subsequently.
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