Michael E. Debakey High School Qatar Fee Structure

Education and CommunicationsMichael E. Debakey High School Qatar Fee Structure
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Michael E. Debakey High School Qatar Fee Structure. School tuition for the first year of enrolment, based on the fees published for academic year 2023/2024
Type of FeeTerm of FeePrice (QAR)
Application FeeOne-Time Fee612 ﷼
Registration FeeOne-Time Fee2,040 ﷼
Books FeeOne-Time Fee2,550 ﷼
Tuition FeeAnnual51,064 ﷼
TOTAL for first year56,266 ﷼

Annual School Fees

Overview of total annual fees per grade (excluding the first year one-time fees).
Based on published prices for academic year 2023/2024.
AgeGradeTotal Fees
10Grade 551,064 ﷼
11Grade 651,064 ﷼
12Grade 751,428 ﷼
13Grade 851,428 ﷼
14Grade 951,428 ﷼
15Grade 1057,876 ﷼
16Grade 1164,324 ﷼
17Grade 1270,720 ﷼

Prices shown are illustrative only and subject to change. Schools may or may not raise their prices for future academic years.

The signature of a parent on the Registration Form or Acceptance Letter indicates that this policy has been read and its terms accepted. DeBakey Qatar has a critical need to adhere to the terms of this policy to meet its financial and budgetary commitments.

The Admissions Office and Finance Office are open during the working day throughout the year and staff will be pleased to provide information relating to the Fees Policy and Fee Schedule.
Payments. All payments are to be made to the Finance Office.

Payment Method

School fees will only be paid through:

  • Direct bank transfer (Electronic Transfer of Funds) – please indicate student name, grade level and invoice number. Once completed, a copy of the bank receipt must be sent to debakeyfinance@debakeyatqatar.org as payment confirmation
  • Checks Payable to DeBakey High School directly deposited to Masraf Al Rayan Bank
  • Company payments – Although the school will accept company payments from
    employers, at all times it remains the parent’s responsibility to ensure school fees are paid before each term’s due date, or before a child starts at the School.

Bank Transfer Details

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ACCOUNT NUMBER0023-108526-001 (QAR)
IBAN NumberQA21 MAFR 0000 0000 0023 1085 2600 1
Bank NameMasraf Al Rayan
Bank Address69 Al Add Al Sharqi Street

Note: DeBakey High School, Qatar does not accept payment by cash/card/checks.

  • If tuition and fees have not been paid within 30 days after delinquency, the school has the right to take legal action and the parent(s) of the student shall be required to reimburse the school for all legal fees and court costs.
  • On the first date of tuition fees delinquency access to all student records and RenWeb will be withheld until the family account is paid in full.
  • Report cards, leaving certificates and recommendation letters will be withheld until all the school fees are settled in full. Student will not be able to appear for the exam.
  • The student’s name will not be deactivated from the Ministry of Education and higher Education student information system (NSIS) until all due fees are paid upon him/her leaving the school; I also understand that if my child’s name is not deactivated by the school, he/she will not be able to register in any school in Qatar.
  • For families who wish to withdraw their child from the school, one-month notice is required.
  • Without the required notice, all fees for the following semester are payable
  • If the semester’s fees are paid in full and the child is withdrawn prior to the start of the academic year, only the fees will be refunded ,except the Registration Fee or the Reenrolment seat fee for current students
  • As per the refund/deduction policy, 25% of semester fees is payable if the student has attended less than or equal to 21 calendar days from the beginning of the first semester of attendance.
  • If a student has attended more than 21 calendar days, in any semester, annual tuition fee is payable.
  • Any access amount in the students account will be reflected and transferred to the next school year/li>
  • For any refund, parents are required to fill the link below with details:

Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions- Qatar Contacts

Doha, Qatar P.O. Box 7582
T: (974) 4499-9851 F: (974) 4499-9852
Raodh Alain Street,Al Messila South,
Doha, Qatar

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