List Of Best Incineration Companies In Kenya

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of substances contained in waste materials. List Of Best Incineration Companies In Kenya. Industrial plants for waste incineration are commonly referred to as waste-to-energy facilities. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as “thermal treatment“. Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ashflue gas and heat. The ash is mostly formed by the inorganic constituents of the waste and may take the form of solid lumps or particulates carried by the flue gas. The flue gases must be cleaned of gaseous and particulate pollutants before they are dispersed into the atmosphere. In some cases, the heat that is generated by incineration can be used to generate electric power.

Incineration with energy recovery is one of several waste-to-energy technologies such as gasificationpyrolysis and anaerobic digestion. While incineration and gasification technologies are similar in principle, the energy produced from incineration is high-temperature heat whereas combustible gas is often the main energy product from gasification. Incineration and gasification may also be implemented without energy and materials recovery.

In several countries, there are still concerns from experts and local communities about the environmental effect of incinerators (see arguments against incineration).

Waste Management CompaniesServicesContactLocation
Enviroserve Kenya LtdElectronic waste 740 396139Lavington, Nairobi
Tranbiz Solutions Kenya LtdIndustrial waste managementHazardous waste managementExpired pharmaceutical managementinfo@tranbiohz.coke.+254 786 787609Industrial Area Enterprise Rd, Nairobi
Bins Service LtdGarbage solutions0722 713964/ 0733 677710Falcon Rd off Enterprise Rd, Nairobi
Kamongo Waste Paper LtdCardboard/paperboard recyclingNewspaper recyclingOffice vs. mixed paper recycling+254 792 410410Kampala Rd, Nairobi
Takataka SolutionsSolid waste services such as recycling+254 708 276201Laikipia Rd, Kileleshwa, Nairobi.
Colnet LtdGarbage 721 566140Addis Ababa Rd, Industrial Area.
WEEE CentreE-waste disposalTrainingSecure data destructionAwareness 701 819599/ +254 202 060919/20Mihango’, Embakasi, Nairobi
Mr. Green KenyaTrading recyclable 758 727083Mombasa Rd & Enterprise Rd Junction, Nairobi
Zoa Taka LtdWaste managementCleaning 733 445660Falcon Rd, Nairobi
Waste Afrika KenyaSolid waste advisorySafe removal of asbestos sheetsEncapsulation+254 724 540090/ +254 734 975411Vision Plaza, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi.

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