List Of Distilleries In Kenya

Distillation, or classical distillation, is the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation, usually inside an apparatus known as a still. List Of Distilleries In Kenya. Dry distillation is the heating of solid materials to produce gaseous products (which may condense into liquids or solids); this may involve chemical changes such as destructive distillation or cracking. Distillation may result in essentially complete separation (resulting in nearly pure components), or it may be a partial separation that increases the concentration of selected components; in either case, the process exploits differences in the relative volatility of the mixture’s components. In industrial applications, distillation is a unit operation of practically universal importance, but is a physical separation process, not a chemical reaction. An installation used for distillation, especially of distilled beverages, is a distillery. Distillation includes the following applications:

  • The distillation of fermented products produces distilled beverages with a high alcohol content, or separates other fermentation products of commercial value.
  • Distillation is an effective and traditional method of desalination.
  • In the petroleum industry, oil stabilization is a form of partial distillation that reduces the vapor pressure of crude oil, thereby making it safe for storage and transport as well as reducing the atmospheric emissions of volatile hydrocarbons. In midstream operations at oil refineriesfractional distillation is a major class of operation for transforming crude oil into fuels and chemical feed stocks.[2][3][4]
  • Cryogenic distillation leads to the separation of air into its components – notably oxygennitrogen, and argon – for industrial use.
  • In the chemical industry, large amounts of crude liquid products of chemical synthesis are distilled to separate them, either from other products, from impurities, or from unreacted starting materials.

Here is a List Of Distilleries In Kenya

Patiala Distillers

Address: Airport N Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 715 528540

Platinum Distillers Limited

Address: Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 701 048461

Crywan Distillers Ltd

Address:  Mlolongo, Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 722 260928

Zero Gravity Distilleries LTD

Address:  Thika, Kenya

Phone: +254 700 947284

London Distillers-Industrial Area.

Address: Dunga Rd, Starehe, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 531007

Udv Kenya Ltd

Address: Kampala Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 531826

Two Cousins Distillers Ltd

Address:  Kenyatta Hwy, Kilimambogo St, Thika, Kenya

Phone: 0714 440 190.

London Distillers (K) Ltd- Nairobi

Address: Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 6531007

FRM (E.A) Packers Ltd

Address: Emerald Park, Kutch Road, Mlolongo, Kenya

Phone: +254 714 229065

Mamboleo Distillers

Address: Osiepe Market, Kisumu, Kenya

Phone: +254 799 002002


Crywan Enterprises Ltd

Address: Old Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 722 260928


Africa Spirits Limited

Address: Castle Road, Thika, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 2165756

Kibos Distillers Limited

Address:  Kibos, Kenya

Phone: +254 57 2028151

Monument Distillers Kenya Ltd

Location: Thika Road, Mugumoini Drive.

Phone: 0748 929 013.

Bounty Limited

Location: Dunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Phone: 0736 293 050.

Elle Kenya Ltd

Location: Umoja 3, Near East Capital Apartments, Nairobi.

Phone: 0775 775 001.

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