List Of Confectionery Manufacturers In Kenya

This is a list of confectionery manufacturers in Kenya. Confectionery is the art of making confections, which are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates. Exact definitions are difficult. In general, however, confectionery is divided into two broad and somewhat overlapping categories: bakers’ confections and sugar confections. The occupation of confectioner encompasses the categories of cooking performed by both the French patissier (pastry chef) and the confiseur (sugar worker).

Bakers’ confectionery, also called flour confections, includes principally sweet pastries, cakes, and similar baked goods. Baker’s confectionery excludes everyday breads, and thus is a subset of products produced by a baker.

Sugar confectionery includes candies (also called sweets, short for sweetmeats, in many English-speaking countries), candied nuts, chocolates, chewing gum, bubble gum, pastillage, and other confections that are made primarily of sugar. In some cases, chocolate confections (confections made of chocolate) are treated as a separate category, as are sugar-free versions of sugar confections. The words candy (Canada & US), sweets (UK, Ireland, and others), and lollies (Australia and New Zealand) are common words for some of the most popular varieties of sugar confectionery.

The confectionery industry also includes specialized training schools and extensive historical records. Traditional confectionery goes back to ancient times and continued to be eaten through the Middle Ages and into the modern era.

Here is a list of confectionery manufacturers in Kenya

Patco Industries Limited

Address: Lunga Lunga Rd, Starehe, Kenya

Phone: +254 722 624867

Nestle Kenya Ltd

Location: Pate Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 0703 043 000.

Kenafric Industries Ltd

Address: Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 8645000

Pearl Industries Ltd

Address: Gilglil Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 2020055

Candy Kenya Ltd

Address: Candy Kenya, Viwandani, off Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 734 630780


Address: Candy Castle,Jainsala, Starehe, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 2223470


Address: Dunga Rd, Makadara, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 6533643

Candy Land Ltd.

Located in: Epcom Building

Address: River Road, Nairobi, Kenya


Address: Mumbuni North, Mbolu Malu Rd, Machakos, Kenya

Phone: +254 44 21537

Swan Industries Ltd

Address: Kisumu, Kenya

Phone: +254 57 2022175


Address: Kampala Rd, Makadara, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 551357

Kenya Sweets Ltd

Address: Kenya Sweets Limited, 40733-00100 Old Airport Road NBI, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 708 455219

Mzuri Sweets Ltd.

Address: Mji wa Kale/Makadara Mtwapa, Malindi Road, Mvita, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 2179394

Sweet Centre Ltd

Located in: South C Shopping Centre

Address: South C Shopping Centre, South C, Muhoho Ave, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 6007720

Kenya Sweets Ltd(Head Office)

Address: Bandari Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 3520575

Wrigley East Africa Ltd

Address: Bamburi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 20 3952000

Confini – The Candy Co.

Address: Baba Dogo Road Box 42887, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 718 263390

Norda Industries

Location: Mombasa Road, Next to Total Syokimau.

Contact: 0732 401 786.

Mars Wrigley Kenya

Location: Bamburi Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 395 2000.

ROK Industries

Location: Plot 4, Ndume Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0736 028 181, 0722 575 619.

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