List of Government Services Complexes in Qatar

WorldQatarList of Government Services Complexes in Qatar
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List of Government Services Complexes in Qatar. The Government Services Complex enables individuals, companies and government entities to easily obtain a number of services provided by the ministries and government agencies.
The Government Services Complex is competent to do the following:

  • Study, plan and propose the establishment of service complexes in different regions
  • Coordinate with the competent administrative unit on determination and classification of all services over which each government authority has jurisdiction
  • Coordinate with the government bodies regarding the provision of services through service complexes
  • Provide all administrative and technical services necessary to facilitate the work of service complexes
  • Undertake administrative supervision on the organization of workflow in complexes
  • Examine complaints and proposals of applicants, in coordination with the administrative units and competent authorities, taking the necessary actions in this regard

The entities taking part in the Complex are:


  • Click on the name of the ministry which list of services you want to check.
  • Click on the name of the required service, so the list of required documents or paper forms appears.
  • Click on the location nearest to you, to find out how to reach your destination and what its working hours are.


No fees are required for this service.

Additional Information

Government Services Complex in some areas (Check the geographical locations clarified on the website of MOL)

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