WILDERNESS COOKING. My name is Tavakkul, I am 50 years old. My family and I are Lezgins, the indigenous people of the Caucasus and we live in vibrant Azerbaijan, in a high-mountain village – Qamarvan. I am infinitely in love with the nature of my motherland. Most of my activities were given to me by nature. I speak its language, and it obeyed me. It allowed me to appreciate and explore it. Once, walking in the mountains, I realized how happy I am to just watch the sun rise over the shining hills, and I wanted to share it. And here I am, sharing with the world peaceful mountains life, the recipes and this beauty. Hope you will enjoy! You can buy my “Wilderness Cooking” cookware: https://homewild.shop/collections/all-products If you want to support us: https://www.patreon.com/wildernesscooking For enquiries: info@wilderness.cooking

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