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Vida Hei Born in 1994 is an Indian Fashion Blogger her YouTube Channel called Vida Hei Beauty Gained more than 10,000 subscribers within one day when she collaborated with Kenyan Content create Am Marwa on Touring India. In This article we focus on Vida Hei Biography. Vida Hei  has been asked by fans to change her channel niche and become a Travel Blogger, She currently focuses on Beauty and Fashion.

Vida Hei is a tiktok influencers from the with 36058 followers. His/her video classification is Public Figure in tiktok. Many people who follow him/her are because of his/her classification. She has published more than 398 videos, with a cumulative total of 306973 likes, and a total of 36058 fans. In the current tiktok ranking in the United States, he/she ranks No. 1178602 and ranks No. 1128844 globally.

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Some of the Coments from Her Subscribers

WOW, within just 1 – 2 days I witnessed Vida Hei Beauty channel grow from 224 to 8.48K subscribers and I estimate that that it will grow very rapidly over the coming days and weeks with her touring around India with Marwa.. She looks like a very beautiful Black girl when she does her hair in this manner, sort of like a ex girlfriend I had from Guyana who was a “Douglar” whith a Indian mother and light skin Black Guyanese father.. Very exotic..  –Etruscan Civilization

Vida if you feel it for marwa go for it girl you guys will make a good couple, you look like the one !! 🇹🇹 – Risin up 🙏

Visa keep smiling… that’s what makes you so beautiful your spirit! I think you guys would make a great couple  – Lorenzo Dumas

Shout-out to you Vida for showing brother Marwa around. Even though you explained your friend helped you with navigating India you definitely can learn and LOVE YOUR COUNTRY as you will make others grow to love your country. Your enthusiasm becomes others enthusiasm. You’re showing you’re an excellent ambassador for the new generation of Indians(*and an excellent guide for India) and I wish your channel much success and growth. Your content can change old and new perceptions of India for those that are PLANNING TO TRAVEL AND GO TO NEW DESTINATIONS ALL THROUGHOUT THE WORLD You have the effect on people that you can edutain us as new viewers and potential travelers to make us visit the country and spend money there. Not to place pressure on you. But let Marwa guide you – Kang Is Back To Deliver The Facts

Vida thank you for hosting Marwa. We really appreciate he is one of our hard working content creator. I came to your channel because of Marwa. Love from Philadephia Pennsylvania. – Beatrice Bolger

I am sure Vida is joyous now. She has been receiving good views for the past 24hrs. Thanks for the support Marwa. – Cheruiyot Joseph

Vida I’m happy I found your channel! You seem like very delightful person. Thank you for taking your time to guide Marwa around New Delhi. He would totally be lost without you haha.  BTW your hair looks wonderful! – James Dean

What I admire so much about Vida Hei is her intelligence to embrace her beautiful brown skin color, and to know that she is just as beautiful as any other woman regardless of the different skin colors, because beauty does not derive only from skin color, but from the actual facial structure and contours of the face, eyes, mouth, nose and the sound of a gentle knowledgeable and understanding voice, regardless of any skin color.. She knows that she is beautiful, and it shows in her beautiful smile.. – Etruscan Civilization

Marwa,you the greatest… I used to be upset when you interrupt your guests when they’re talking but I’ve learnt to deal with it… you’re just you and I shouldn’t expect you to behave in a way that’s not you… thanx for introducing Vida to us, she just has this positive energy about her almost mystical…the kind of woman I’ve been looking for my whole life… you should see the way she looks at you,I would do anything to have a woman look at me that way – Rumbidzai Sibanda

Vida, rebrand your channel to travel vlogs from the fashion stuff. Show us around New Delhi, Mumbai and what India has to offer. – Joel Kaben

Vida don’t be shy you have natural talent to be a YouTuber. Push hard and you will achieve your goals. I haven’t subscribed yet, I am waiting for your next video if I like it I will subscribe for life. –abdirahman jama

Bruh marwa just gave this girl almost 10k just like that …MARWA AFRICAN MAN DOMINANCE! – David Joro

New sub from Kenya. Marwa brought me here. By the way that hair style is cool you look beautiful with that African style –Samuty Kunta the Bantu


You are doing great mi fren. Just keep at it. You look very beautiful, especially with the braids. You look like an AfroIndian. –lime3

Nice vlog Vida I pray that you and Marwa become a couple. You two look soooo good together – Swazi in Kenya: Beyond Borders with Zanele

Vida Hei Biography

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