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Description, iam_marwa also known professionally as Fredrick Marwa, is a Kenyan YouTuber international Travel vlogger / Blogger, comedian, actor, director, musician, and media personality. He is on the rise to fame on video-sharing website YouTube due to His travel videos to Cuba,Mexico, ColombiaKenya,Ethiopia,U.S, and has since maintained an online presence. Wikipedia i am marwa biography

Born: November 15, 1990 (age 29 years), Kuria, Kenya. Residence: Nyambohanse,Kuria,Kenya

Describing himself as a serial worldwide traveler, Marwa has lived up to his name by touring 36 countries mostly in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia.

His journey dates back in 2016 when he had just completed his studies from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

At the time, Marwa’s friend, who knew that he always wanted to be a backpacker, recommended him for an opportunity in Colombia where he would work as an English tutor. 

He had just lost his job at a local bank and did not waste time before successfully applying for the position.

While in Colombia, Marwa was eager to show his friends other cultures that he had experienced, hence, began his YouTube channel.

“When I started YouTube, I didn’t know I would get paid. I was just making the videos to show my boys back home, the life I was living in Colombia. At the time, my friends used to ask me so many questions about Colombia. 

“Funny thing, when I started my YouTube channel, I was asked if I wanted to get paid as I created content. At the time, one didn’t have to get targets to get paid,” he stated.

Currently, the traveller has 271,000 subscribers and 88 million views on his YouTube page.

“At first, I wasn’t making so much money but it increased over time. One day I made 60 dollars, that is when I realised that this would be something,” Marwa disclosed.

Through his savings, he has managed to build a multi-million mansion for his parents.

Presently, he is building his glasshouse that will also have a helipad. Though incomplete, he has so far used Ksh10 million. He says that he is yet to construct a Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool.

Marwa advises the youth to always talk about their dreams, manifest them and they will come true.

“I met my dream through content creation. I strongly believe in it like it’s my cross. You can make it by believing in yourself and manifesting and in your dreams.”

He also asks the government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to strengthen Kenya’s standing in the diplomatic community in order to improve the travel experience for Kenyans.

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