Colonel Mustafa

Col. Mustafa is a Kenyan musician based in Nairobi, He has been in the Kenyan music scene for many years. Because he was signed to a Nairobi based record label for years, this is his first YouTube channel as an independent artist

Singer Colonel Mustapha was part of the music group Deux Vultures who ruled the Kenyan airwaves with their music The star took time off music to look for construction work to help him raise money to support his ailing mother Mustapha received massive support from fans who commended him for working hard to help raise money for his mother’s expensive treatment.

Col Mustafa- Maloko Official Video 4K

Education & background

Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Colonel Mustapha was raised in a multicultural household, with a Kenyan father, Mr. Germa Mustafa, and a Tanzanian mother, Fatma.

The rapper-turned-actor began developing a keen interest in rap music during his primary school days. After transferring to Kenya, he completed his education, although specific details about his academic background remain scarce.

Colonel Mustapha’s passion for music manifested early on, and during his high school days, he frequently performed at the Jam Session held at Florida 2000 nightclub.

He later formed the boy group Deux Vultures with his childhood friend Nasty Thomas, releasing notable songs like “Katika.”

In 2003, Colonel Mustapha joined Ogopa Deejays, a renowned music production and record label company.

During his time with the group, he contributed to the growth of urban music in Kenya, collaborating with various artists.

Some of his well-known hits released under Ogopa Deejays include “Mtaani Dot Com,” “Hey Baby,” and “Kupe.”

While information about Colonel Mustapha’s immediate family is limited, he has openly mentioned his parents, Mr. Germa Mustafa and Fatma, in interviews.

Moreover, he recently revealed that his mother is battling cancer, explaining his urgent need to find means of supporting her expensive chemotherapy treatments.

The “Lenga Stress” hitmaker is said to have been through several relationships, with Marya and Noti Flow being the most publicly known.

The video of Colonel Mustapha working at a construction site has sparked a wave of concern among Kenyans, who are surprised to witness such a significant shift in his lifestyle.

The rapper-turned-mjengo worker confirmed the authenticity of the video in an interview, disclosing that he fell on hard times and made the conscious decision to take up construction jobs to support himself and his ailing mother.

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