Kilifi Bridge

TechnologyKilifi Bridge
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Kilifi Bridge is the longest bridge in Kenya with a total length of 420 metres. The superstructure is a prestressed continuous box girder carrying two lanes. The bridge has three spans. The construction of Kilifi Bridge was completed in 1991.

At Sabaki, the mouth of River Athi (Sabaki at the coast) the current concrete bridge replaced a steel suspension bridge in 1996. The steel suspension bridge was eventually transferred and used at Masalani Bridge. The bridge length is approximately 184 metres with three spans. The superstructure is prestressed box girder carrying double lane. The substructure is reinforced concrete founded on piles.

Beam bridges

They are the simplest in structural forms. They are supported by an abutment at each end of the deck. Since no moments are transferred through the support their structural type is known as simply supported. Bridges designed for modern infrastructure will usually be constructed of steel or reinforced concrete, or a combination of both. The concrete used can either be reinforced, prestressed or post-tensioned.

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